JABC - Beachy Christmas Ornaments
July 31, 2022

Beachy Christmas Ornament Project Tips

The new Beachy Christmas Ornaments begin with 18ct perforated paper.  We print ocean waves behind a pine swag with JOY or NOEL.  You cross stitch the poinsettia and pinecones. Each kit includes perforated paper, a cardstock back image, buttons and a stitch chart.  Even the finish is simple: sew on the buttons, faux hem the edges and add a felt back.

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JABC - Home of the Free Kit
July 06, 2022

Faux Hem Stitch Your Perforated Paper

Perforated paper makes all the difference when I cross stitch--I can see where to stitch!

Whether you're a fan for speed or convenience--or like me, because your eyes appreciate the holes, perforated paper is a great fit for lots of stitching projects.  I especially like the new 18 ct. paper from Wichelt.  Two strands of floss cover the surface completely so holes disappear in a design area (see the banner below), and in unstitched areas, the tiny holes provide interesting texture, and aren't distracting at all.  I also love that I can fit curves into a small space--script writing is so readable!

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JABC - Busy Bee Pincushion
May 14, 2022

Be Creative: Busy Bee Pincushion

Go Where Your Wings Take You

We delight in putting together easy projects that are clever and unique.  Nothing makes that more fun than having a brand new embellishment.  The Busy Bee Pincushion combines all our favorite materials AND uses the new bumblebee wings. 

JABC - Pincushion kit

After years of creating with handmade buttons and pins, the bumblebee wings gave us a new perspective.  They're pins, but that's not the first thing you see--instead, you see wings.

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New for Cross Stitch:  Baby Boy & Baby Girl
March 10, 2022

New for Cross Stitch: Baby Boy & Baby Girl

Overflowing with Cuteness

It used to be that the button crew at Just Another Button Company was a bit more youthful -- with lots of young children between us.  Now several of us have grandchildren--with three new baby boys just in the last few months.

It's no surprise then that our newest cross stitch designs feature a baby boy and baby girl--and take a look at that adorable button pacifier.  So much cuteness!

JABC - Baby Boy

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Winter Woolie Penguin Pincushion: Cold Flippers, Warm Heart
February 13, 2022

Winter Woolie Penguin Pincushion: Cold Flippers, Warm Heart

Winter Woolie Penguin Pincushion--Limited Edition Kit

Winter Woolie Penguin is a pattern and a PDF, and for a very limited time, you can order the wool kit to make your own.  And, yes, the mini-beanie is included!

JABC - Penguin wool kit

The kit includes hand-dyed felted wool from Weeks Dye Works, plus buttons and the mini-beanie. 

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#MakeSomeHappy:  Snow Much to Love
January 19, 2022

#MakeSomeHappy: Snow Much to Love

2021 -- Looking for the Bright Spots

Remember Beau & Belle Snow Tuffets?  Creating this Valentine pair kept me occupied during COVID recovery last January: sleep a while, sew a while; sleep some more; repeat.  I stitched both tuffets by hand--perfect, as I spent many a day just sitting on my bed.  Eventually the Snow couple would become a sewing pattern, but for the moment they were just a bright spot in a gloomy month.

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Inspiration: Projects for Button Lover's Club HAUNT CUISINE
September 14, 2021

Inspiration: Projects for Button Lover's Club HAUNT CUISINE

HAUNT CUISINE - Are you wishing for a button project?

Halloween buttons inspire lots of ideas for stitching, and we're sharing two of our newest with you.  You'll recognize the buttons from your new HAUNT CUISINE Button Lover's Club tin. 

Don't have these buttons? The tins shipped September 1st, but we still have some in stock.  Join now and you can begin your subscription with this collection.

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JABC - Button Lover's Club
September 05, 2021

Button Lover's Club - And the Season is . . . Halloween!

HAUNT CUISINE--it's what we've "cooked up" for September 

The bubbling cauldron button--with extra button bubbles, of course--inspired the name for this seasonal tin.  Keep reading for a little story about how we put this Button Lover's Club tin together for you.

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New Product - It's Something Wicked
August 28, 2021

New Product - It's Something Wicked

If you've been following our social media and email messages, you know we're  celebrating our 25th year -- pulling out button projects from years past and re-inventing our favorites.  We've even created some limited-edition kits.  We know you like our kits, and yes, we used to have lots.  Now the kits are a special item--so a perfect way to celebrate our history. And having an "event" is a great way to share!

You helped make last weekend's Something Wicked Halloween Event a smashing success.  Spooky spoolkeeps made an appearance and we introduced Webster--a button spider who's only slightly scary.

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Inspiration: Picnics and Patriotism
May 21, 2021

Inspiration: Picnics and Patriotism

Picnics and Patriotism on Memorial Day

Long ago families often had picnics while gathered at cemeteries to decorate the graves of veterans who had made the ultimate sacrifice. 

Picnics and family reunions may be more light-hearted today, but we still take time to salute those who lost their lives in service.

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First Look: Pin Lover's Club
April 27, 2021

First Look: Pin Lover's Club

Bird's Tiny Garden

Visiting garden centers is the best part of May.  Finally we can take home the tiny plants and fill containers...maybe add a bit of whimsy.

Bird's Tiny Garden is planted with imaginary violet blooms in a pretty blue dish.  A variety of green wools and leaf shapes makes the "plant selection" especially fun.

JABC - Pin Lover's Club May 2021

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JABC - Handmade pins, Cardinal Nation & Play Ball!
April 07, 2021

Free Pattern: Batter Up! Spoolkeep

Here in St. Louis, you're Cardinal Nation or you're not, but we don't want to leave anyone out.  For any team you cheer, celebrate baseball season with a new Pin-Mini set -- and use the free instructions to make a baseball pincushion.

We've shown our Spoolkeep Pincushions before--a spool and a felted wool ball.  Now we've added a bit of embroidery to create a baseball.

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JABC - A Tulip for You Pin Lover's Club
March 30, 2021

First Look: Pin Lover's Club

Oh how we love Spring!

Bunny has a tulip for you, and the soft pastels make this month's pincushion perfect as a Spring bowl filler too. Join Pin Lover's Club to get a free pattern for A Tulip For You.

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JABC - Beau & Belle Snow Tuffets Pattern PDF
February 13, 2021

New Pattern: Beau & Belle Snow Tuffets

It Began with a Snowman

If you were following Just Another Button Company in 2011, you'll remember the crazy ambitious idea we had to celebrate our 15th year in business with "15 Fabulous Pincushions."  We were 15 and Fabulous, and we did it, starting with Jabco the Snowman.

JABC - Jabco the Snowman Pincushion

Over the years since, we published over 50 wool pincushion patterns--all carefully written so all sewers can successfully make the pincushions, even beginners without a machine.

Now flash forward to 2021--our 25th year in business.  We've been making plans for wild and wonderful projects and celebrations.  It's a big deal for a small business to make it to year 25, right?  At the beginning of January, we updated our website and social media with a new logo and prepared to jump into the plans feet first.

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JABC - Take Heart Tin, Love Notes
February 06, 2021

#MakeSomeHappy: Take Heart Tin, LOVE NOTES

Valentine's Day is perfect reason to add creative color inside while the weather is  gray and gloomy outside.  Find some inspiration  in our Love Notes Take Heart Tin.

#MakeSomeHappy with a Button Spill

Spill the Love Notes buttons on a plate to brighten a table or work space in an instant.  We found the little felted wool hearts at Benzie Designs. They add extra dimension, and you know how we love buttons and wool together.
JABC - Love Notes Spill

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First Look:  January Button Lover's Club
January 01, 2021

First Look: January Button Lover's Club

It was love at first frost.

While brainstorming for the January Take Heart Tin: Love Notes, we hit on the idea of combining Valentine's Day and snow people.  We're all crazy about the cute couple these two new buttons make, but still haven't hit on the right names...

Crystal and Clark?

Flurry and Frosty?

Help us give them names so we can reveal the rest of the buttons in this darling tin! Comment below or on social media with your suggestion for names.

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New Chart:  Not a Creature Was Stirring
December 11, 2020

New Chart: Not a Creature Was Stirring

"Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse."  The beloved poem, A Visit from St. Nicholas by Clement C. Moore, is full of Christmas imagery, and this line is a favorite.

Way back in 2009 we made a sleeping mouse button for Art to Heart's I Believe book Now, at least a dozen batches later, the sleeping mouse button became the star of Not a Creature was Stirring.  Shhh...he's sleeping.

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New Pattern:  Merry Tidings Banner
December 07, 2020

New Pattern: Merry Tidings Banner

Merry Tidings Banner glows with Christmas spirit. A candle wreathed by holly and berries--it's the new banner pattern from Tammy Tutterow.  The mini banner measures 6" x 6" and features buttons from the November 2020 Button Lover's Club: Take Heart Tin + Sprinkler Merry Tidings.

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First Look: Pin Lover's Club
November 28, 2020

First Look: Pin Lover's Club

It's time to Be Jolly!

The new pincushion for Pin Lover's Club is cute and quick -- and guaranteed to generate lots of holiday happiness.

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JABC - Fall Square to Stitch or Sew
November 04, 2020

#MakeSomeHappy: Fall Square to Stitch or Sew


That's our motto as we ship handmade and hand-dyed buttons for the projects that keep hands busy and hearts happy-- #makesomehappy.

Lots of people are uncovering UFO's or treasured patterns saved for a rainy day, but if you are ready for something new, here's a sweet Fall Square that's simple enough to make for gifts and it's button-able -- maybe even from your stash.

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JABC - Pin Lover's Club
October 24, 2020

First Look: November Pin Lover's Club

As Fall in the Midwest moves toward November and leaves fade to warm golds and browns, it's fun to spot unexpected touches of color.  Blue pumpkins at the market started us thinking about adding a teal-y blue flower to the November Pin-Mini. We chose the orange and teal wildflower pins first, then made a special pumpkin with the same touches of black.  They became Give Thanks--the November Pin-Mini.  

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Free Pattern:  Itsy Bitsy Spider Spoolkeep
October 16, 2020

Free Pattern: Itsy Bitsy Spider Spoolkeep

Trick or Treat? 

It's a treat -- a free pattern!  Make an instant Halloween Pincushion with our Itsy Bitsy Spider Spoolkeep instructions! 

You might find everything you need in your stash, but if not, most of the supplies are available on our website.  Look for the ribbon and the chenille stems at your local craft store.

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First Look: September Pin Lover's Club
October 11, 2020

First Look: September Pin Lover's Club


The September pin-mini is Change of Seasons. With sunflower, pear and acorn pins, we're reminded that Autumn is still a season for harvest. 

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New Pattern: Family Gathering Banner
September 27, 2020

New Pattern: Family Gathering Banner

Gather leaves and flowers in a clay pot to celebrate nature's beauty.  The new pattern, Family Gathering Banner, beautifully interprets this image in wool applique. This sweet mini banner measures 6" x 9" and features buttons from the September 2020 Button Lover's Club: Take Heart Tin + Sprinkler Family Gathering.

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