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August 28, 2021

JABC - Halloween Shop

If you've been following our social media and email messages, you know we're  celebrating our 25th year -- pulling out button projects from years past and re-inventing our favorites.  We've even created some limited-edition kits.  We know you like our kits, and yes, we used to have lots.  Now the kits are a special item--so a perfect way to celebrate our history. And having an "event" is a great way to share!

You helped make last weekend's Something Wicked Halloween Event a smashing success.  Spooky spoolkeeps made an appearance and we introduced Webster--a button spider who's only slightly scary. (Like when you bend over to pick up a dropped button and he's right in front of your face as you stand up.  Am I right, Julie?)

It was Wicked that inspired the whole event though.  Several years ago, we hit on the idea of laser printing on a sheet of perforated paper.  We started with Alphabet Art. It was hugely popular because perforated paper makes stitching a breeze AND most of the design is printed so it looks intricate, but it's not!  You stitch a little and then add buttons, of course.


The flowers are stitched, the letter and dotted background are printed.  We call this product NeedlePrint & Play because it 's easy to do and you can play with adding more stitches and extra buttons. 


JACK sold out almost immediately when it came out in 2018.  While the word JACK was printed, WICKED became the stitched part of our newest Halloween design. 

JABC - Wicked NPP     JABC - Wicked NPP

The newly available 18-count perforated paper makes it possible to chart nice curves. With more stitches to the inch, the lettering is wickedly fabulous!  The moon and eerie mist are printed on a midnight sky.  Best of all--the hat and broom buttons are new and exclusive for this kit!

WICKED is the perfect excuse to play with buttons.  We printed the design and challenged everyone who came through the office to add their favorite buttons. Even grandkids joined the fun--we have quite a few who are regular visitors.

A couple of us said "Less is more." And then there was Rachel's youngest--Elliott evidently believes "More is more."

JABC - Wicked   JABC - Wicked

The idea is that the WICKED design is kitted with 5 buttons, but we think you'll have fun adding your favorites as well.  Not many of us can truthfully say we don't have a button stash, right?

Scroll to the end of this post to see the gallery -- there are some great ideas here!  Dawn got caught using scissors to trim her broom.  We don't recommend that idea, but even a designer or two has been known to snip. 

Thanks for reading our Something Wicked story, and we hope you'll share a photo of your WICKED.

JABC - Wicked NPP

Happy Haunting!

Here's a gallery of button ideas from the fun people at JABC!



Donna Farber

Donna Farber said:

Buttons look so cute on line

Suzie Ellis

Suzie Ellis said:

OMG! That is a fabulous idea!! Just too cute! I may have to get in on the fun! Thanks!

K. Almy

K. Almy said:

I never realized what your company was other than just buttons. I love the idea of your kits and hope to acquire some in the future.

Beautiful or should I say Bootiful???!

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