New for Cross Stitch: Baby Boy & Baby Girl

March 10, 2022

Overflowing with Cuteness

It used to be that the button crew at Just Another Button Company was a bit more youthful -- with lots of young children between us.  Now several of us have grandchildren--with three new baby boys just in the last few months.

It's no surprise then that our newest cross stitch designs feature a baby boy and baby girl--and take a look at that adorable button pacifier.  So much cuteness!

JABC - Baby Boy

One peek at this little darling and you'll see the inspiration for the sweet little face--and that hair!

JABC - Grandson
And if he had a sister...
JABC - Baby Girl


Watch our Tutorial

You may remember Rachel's baby girls--the first "button babies" in Cecile's family.  No longer babies, these two speak fluent "YouTube," so we recruited them to produce a tutorial for making the button pacifier.  It's full of giggles and enthusiasm.

JABC - Button Sisters

Find the tutorial HERE.  We hope you subscribe to our YouTube channel while  you're there.


Shop the Products

Want to know more about the cross stitch charts and Baby Flurry Snow Tuffet?  All are available on our website.

Baby Boy #10602, includes chart and buttons

Baby Girl #10603, includes chart and buttons

Baby Flurry Snow Tuffet

 JABC -  Baby Flurry Snow Tuffet

Being a "Maker" is such a joyful business--and being a Nana makes it even more fun!


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