Button Lover's Club - And the Season is . . . Halloween!

September 05, 2021

HAUNT CUISINE--it's what we've "cooked up" for September 

The bubbling cauldron button--with extra button bubbles, of course--inspired the name for this seasonal tin.  Keep reading for a little story about how we put this Button Lover's Club tin together for you.

JABC - Button Lover's Club

Trouble, Trouble, Boil and Bubble

When we say "cooked up," we aren't kidding. Thousands of buttons were hand-dyed in midnight black, moonglow yellow, frog-leg green and poison purple.

JABC - Hand-dyed buttons


Choosing the Clay Buttons

A Halloween owl has been on the to-do list for a while. Sometimes the "diva" button is made first and it defines the colors for the rest of the lineup.  This time we assembled the bubbling cauldron, pumpkin-in-a-witch hat, ribbit and purple bat while the owl was just a drawing.  He was then built using colors from all the other buttons.  I made the eyes just like I made them last year for this sleepy blue owl.  When one color of clay is much softer than what surrounds it, the original shape changes--the new owl's fierce scowl was a complete surprise.

JABC - Owl cane   JABC - Handmade button

Packing the Happy Mail

It takes three people about 3 days to fill all the custom collectible tins and get the envelopes labeled.  That's a lot of Happy Mail.  Did you find one in your mailbox?

JABC - Button Lover's Club   JABC - button lover's club

Button Play

We have a few ideas planned for button projects between now and Halloween.  To start with, the Haunt Cuisine buttons inspired this quick stitch project.  We'll have the free pattern ready later this week!

JABC - Button Lover's Club

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Happy Haunting!


michele mead

michele mead said:

This little stitch is so fun and the buttons make it pop

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