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May 03, 2024

It's Our Birthday!

This month, Just Another Button Company celebrates 28 years of button fun.  Not really a milestone, but every birthday/anniversary is an occasion to celebrate the past, present and future with candles on a cake.  And naturally our cake must be a felt-y concoction decorated with buttons and pins. So we made it--a slice of layer cake dressed for a party--and the pattern is ready to share! 

JABC - Pincushion
Birthday cake isn't complete unless you can make a wish for the future.  The new flame pin (set of three) slides into a tightly rolled bit of felt to create a candle.  You'll find the instructions below.  
JABC - Handmade pins

Little Wishes to Share

The It's a Party!  cake pattern is easy to follow, but sometimes quick projects are nice. Wool, felt, buttons and pins lend themselves to charming miniatures and the tiny size means you can make one quickly--a last-minute gift for a crafty friend.  Add a candle to the top for granting birthday wishes!
JABC - Pincushion


All these little Wishes were made using crafty bits we had on hand. Keeping reading to find tips for making your own!

JABC - Pincushions
  • Make a taller candle by rolling a 1"h x 2"w strip of felt.  Roll tightly and stitch the outer edge to the roll.  Make a shorter candle with a 3/4"h x 2"w strip of felt.
  • Make a super-quick candle by pushing the flame pin through a 1cm felt ball.
  • Felt flowers add interest below the candles. You can cut your own or shop for a nice mixed pack like the "Felt-fetti" flowers offered at
  • Wood spools (2"h and 1 1/8"h are shown) are great stands for the little Wishes--especially when you add extra color by wrapping with floss.  Cover the floss end with a tiny button.
  • A 1 1/2" section of TP cardboard roll makes the little green cake a breeze.  Cut two felt circles to cover the top and bottom.  Fill with wool roving. We added a bit of rick rack around the base.
  • Larger 3cm felt balls can be glued on top a spool and are especially cute snipped in half on a short spool.  Use a felt flower or scalloped circle for a "doily."
  • Find spools, felt balls and handmade Just Pins HERE.

And One More Wish

JABC - Pincushions 
A banner and bright, happy colors are welcome at any birthday celebration!  you can make a Birthday Wish Hoop from our button pack--with free instructions!
Happy Birthday to Just Another Button Company--and thanks for sharing 28 years of fun.  You make our button wishes come true!




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