Winter Woolie Penguin Pincushion: Cold Flippers, Warm Heart

February 13, 2022


Cold winds are blowing here in Illinois and wool scarves and beanies are still in order.  When I was recently gifted a hand knitted mini-beanie, it was just the thing to warm up a brand new pincushion. 

JABC - Winter Woolie Penguin Pincushion

Winter Woolie Penguin is a pattern and a PDF, and for a very limited time, you can order the wool kit to make your own.  And, yes, the mini-beanie is included!

JABC - Penguin wool kit

The kit includes hand-dyed felted wool from Weeks Dye Works, plus buttons and the mini-beanie. 

Sign up for a wool kit

Click HERE to purchase the wool kit for Winter Woolie Penguin Pincushion.

The pattern and the B-R-R pins are sold separately, but we can ship them together with only one charge if you order the same day.

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Who makes the beanies? 

My crafty daughter-in-law Elena sells knitting and crocheting on her bilingual website Quilting in Romania.  You can order more beanies there. Oh yeah, she has a few other main gigs as well--full-time job and wife and mother of a 4-year-old.  Don't you wish you had her energy?

This is Elena's little one learning how to sew a quilted bookmark. There's an entertaining tutorial on her blog.  I love Elena's sense of humor.

JABC - Kid's bookmark


 Warm woolie hugs from your button friends on Valentine's Day 2022. 💗

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