Tips for Sewing Wool and Felt

January 19, 2024

We LOVE to Share!

As a treat for our stitching friends, we've assembled favorite tips for working with felt and felted wool--all on a downloadable PDF! 

Wool Tip's illustrations include some of our favorite Valentine's Day projects. 

And the best can print or save the entire Wool Tip list for free!

JABC - Pin Lover's Club
Did you just get your Pin Lover's Club Sweet Sampler Box Pincushion pattern and Chocolate Truffle Pin-Mini in the mail? 
Then the Wool Tip sheet is just in time!
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Our Favorite Tips 

When we refer to wool, we mean either felted wool or good quality wool-blend felt.  Note that when we talk about a pincushion, the tip applies to any stuffed shape to be gently used.  

You will want to download the full Wool Tip sheet, but here's a sample of our favorites:

"Wouldn't it be great if small pattern pieces didn't scoot around while you are trying to cut them out neatly?" 
Tip: Use freezer paper to trace your patterns.  With the help of a warm iron, pattern pieces temporarily cling to the wool.  Always use scissors with serrated blades to cut the wool.
"Do I have to have a sewing machine to make these pincushions?"
Tip:  Sewing with wool is very easily done by hand.  Wool doesn't ravel and hand-sewn seams are stong enough for pincushions.
"Where can I find illustrations for the stitches you use on the patterns?"
Tip:  We stick to a few basic stitches for assembling our pincushions and adding embellishments.  The key to looking online for tutorials is having the right search words.  We tell you what to look for!

Happy Valentine's Day

The entire crew at Just Another Button Company sends you LOVE and warm winter wishes! 

JABC - Pincushion Pattern

Click here to see all our wool and cross stitch projects for Valentine's Day--plus loads of buttons and LOVE-ly handmade pins.

Thanks for stitching with us!

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