Warm Up with Hot Chocolate

January 14, 2023

There's Pincushion Potential Everywhere

Warm yourself from the inside out with a mug of hot chocolate--even if you don't plan to drink it.  We came across a demitasse cup and while its tiny size is intended for drinking espresso, it's the perfect proportion for a hot chocolate pincushion.

Of course, you may want to garnish that cup of hot chocolate--my personal favorite is whipped cream and sprinkles, maybe even a few mini chocolate chips.

JABC - Pincushion

See the instructions at the end to find a pattern for making the hot chocolate and puffs of whipped cream.  Final touch--poke in the new Pin Mini set, called "Hot Chocolate" of course.

JABC - Handmade Pins

Pincushion Instructions

All you need for the pincushion is two small pieces of wool-- chocolate-y brown and creamy white.  Use a double strand of thread to sew a long running stitch near the outside edge of the circle.  Pull the stitches to gather slightly and stuff tightly with wool roving.  Finish gathering and sew the opening.

Drop the pincushion, stitched-side down in your little cup (glue is optional to hold it in place) and voila!  If you want the pincushion to sit higher in the cup, put a bit of crumpled paper under it.

Gather each white circle by stitching a long running stitch with matching thread along the marked line.  Pull the stitches to gather tightly and secure thread.  Lay three gathered puffs in a circle with their centers touching.  Tack together where the ruffles touch and at the center point.  Tack the fourth puff on top.  

Sew hand-dyed sprinkle buttons and handmade chocolate drop buttons to the top of the chocolate and the whipped cream, then add the handmade pins.


Demitasse cup, about 2-3" tall--find this at kitchen supply shops

Sprinkle buttons, Mudslide

Button Basics, Snowflakes

JABC Chocolate Drop buttons

Wool Roving

JABC Pattern Sheet for cutting the wool


Stay warm Friends--and Happy Stitching!


 JABC - Signature





Thank you for sharing your creativity!

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