Inspiration: Picnics and Patriotism

May 21, 2021

Picnics and Patriotism on Memorial Day

Long ago families often had picnics while gathered at cemeteries to decorate the graves of veterans who had made the ultimate sacrifice. 

Picnics and family reunions may be more light-hearted today, but we still take time to salute those who lost their lives in service.

 JABC - Star Spangled Mini-Pinnie

This Star Spangled Mini-Pinnie is available as a PDF pattern download.


Red, White and Blue-tiful

Nothing says summer like red, white and blue.  Visit our Americana Shop to find a collection of buttons, pins and projects to get you in the mood for the coming summer holidays.

  JABC - Handmade PinsJABC - Handmade PinsJABC - Handmade Pins

#MakeSomeHappy:  Simply Summer Free Pattern

Simply Summer Mini-Pinnie is an incredibly simple little addition to summer décor—customize with your favorite set of patriotic pins from the Americana Shop.

JABC - Handmade Pins


Any set of JABC handmade pins--see the Americana Shop

Handbehg Felts felted-wool ball—deep red

Wooden spool—2”

(2) 8” ribbons, 3/8” wide

Hot glue


Lay one ribbon strip over the other, matching cut ends.  Wrap them around the spool and tie a double knot.  Trim the ends at an angle.

Apply hot glue at the top of the spool in a circle around the center hole.  Center the felted wool ball on top the spool, pressing onto the glue until it cools.

Add your Pin-Mini to the pincushion.


Wishing you a Red, White and Blue-tiful Memorial Day weekend.



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