#MakeSomeHappy:  Snow Much to Love
January 19, 2022

#MakeSomeHappy: Snow Much to Love

2021 -- Looking for the Bright Spots

Remember Beau & Belle Snow Tuffets?  Creating this Valentine pair kept me occupied during COVID recovery last January: sleep a while, sew a while; sleep some more; repeat.  I stitched both tuffets by hand--perfect, as I spent many a day just sitting on my bed.  Eventually the Snow couple would become a sewing pattern, but for the moment they were just a bright spot in a gloomy month.

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Inspiration: Projects for Button Lover's Club HAUNT CUISINE
September 14, 2021

Inspiration: Projects for Button Lover's Club HAUNT CUISINE

HAUNT CUISINE - Are you wishing for a button project?

Halloween buttons inspire lots of ideas for stitching, and we're sharing two of our newest with you.  You'll recognize the buttons from your new HAUNT CUISINE Button Lover's Club tin. 

Don't have these buttons? The tins shipped September 1st, but we still have some in stock.  Join now and you can begin your subscription with this collection.

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JABC - Button Lover's Club
September 05, 2021

Button Lover's Club - And the Season is . . . Halloween!

HAUNT CUISINE--it's what we've "cooked up" for September 

The bubbling cauldron button--with extra button bubbles, of course--inspired the name for this seasonal tin.  Keep reading for a little story about how we put this Button Lover's Club tin together for you.

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