JABC - Beachy Christmas Ornaments
July 31, 2022

Beachy Christmas Ornament Project Tips

The new Beachy Christmas Ornaments begin with 18ct perforated paper.  We print ocean waves behind a pine swag with JOY or NOEL.  You cross stitch the poinsettia and pinecones. Each kit includes perforated paper, a cardstock back image, buttons and a stitch chart.  Even the finish is simple: sew on the buttons, faux hem the edges and add a felt back.

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JABC - Home of the Free Kit
July 06, 2022

Faux Hem Stitch Your Perforated Paper

Perforated paper makes all the difference when I cross stitch--I can see where to stitch!

Whether you're a fan for speed or convenience--or like me, because your eyes appreciate the holes, perforated paper is a great fit for lots of stitching projects.  I especially like the new 18 ct. paper from Wichelt.  Two strands of floss cover the surface completely so holes disappear in a design area (see the banner below), and in unstitched areas, the tiny holes provide interesting texture, and aren't distracting at all.  I also love that I can fit curves into a small space--script writing is so readable!

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JABC - Busy Bee Pincushion
May 14, 2022

Be Creative: Busy Bee Pincushion

Go Where Your Wings Take You

We delight in putting together easy projects that are clever and unique.  Nothing makes that more fun than having a brand new embellishment.  The Busy Bee Pincushion combines all our favorite materials AND uses the new bumblebee wings. 

JABC - Pincushion kit

After years of creating with handmade buttons and pins, the bumblebee wings gave us a new perspective.  They're pins, but that's not the first thing you see--instead, you see wings.

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