Free Pattern:  Itsy Bitsy Spider Spoolkeep
October 16, 2020

Free Pattern: Itsy Bitsy Spider Spoolkeep

Trick or Treat? 

It's a treat -- a free pattern!  Make an instant Halloween Pincushion with our Itsy Bitsy Spider Spoolkeep instructions! 

You might find everything you need in your stash, but if not, most of the supplies are available on our website.  Look for the ribbon and the chenille stems at your local craft store.

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Inspiration:  Make-It-Simple Spoolkeep
August 15, 2020

Inspiration: Make-It-Simple Spoolkeep

Life is complicated--sometimes it's good to simplify. 
Occasionally a Pin Lover's Club friend asks for an alternative to the pincushion pattern we send.  This is our all-time favorite--glue a felted wool ball to a wooden spool then add a bit of ribbon.  We call it a spoolkeep.
Here we've arranged a small display for the spoolkeep --a black plate, tiny black frame, and a scattering of buttons and shells.  So simple!

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