Free Pattern: Itsy Bitsy Spider Spoolkeep

October 16, 2020

JABC - Itsy Bitsy Spider

Trick or Treat? 

It's a treat -- a free pattern!  Make an instant Halloween Pincushion with our Itsy Bitsy Spider Spoolkeep instructions! 

You might find everything you need in your stash, but if not, most of the supplies are available on our website.  Look for the ribbon and the chenille stems at your local craft store.


Gather these supplies for Itsy Bitsy Spider Spoolkeep:


  1. Use wire cutters or craft scissors to  cut both chenille stems in half.  Bend  1/4”  at each end of the pieces for feet.  Lay two of the pieces side by side and twist twice at the center.
  2. Bend the joined pieces in half to make a “V”.  Bend 1/4” at a right angle at  the point of the “V”.  Repeat with the second set of  chenille stems. JABC - Fold Chenille Stems
  3.  Apply a small amount of hot glue around the spool hole at the top.  Push the small bends into the hole with four legs arranged on each side of the spool.  Bend  each leg at the knee and point the feet out. 
    JABC - Glue chenille stems
  4. Apply a small amount of hot glue above the spool hole at the top. Center the 3 cm wool ball on the spool and hold until the glue cools.
  5. Sew one eye button to each 1 cm wool ball. Pin the eye balls in place referring to the photo.  Sew the balls in place. 
  6. Sew the tooth button to the front of the 3 cm ball.
  7. Cut the ribbon into 2-10” strips. Lay them together and tie a bow.  Fluff the bow then sew the houndstooth button to the front center of the bow knot.  Apply hot glue to the back of the ribbon knot and attach the bow to the spider at the base of the body on one side.
  8. Add your favorite handmade Just Pins!
JABC - jp103


Happy Halloween crafting, sewing and stitching!







Donna Talipsky

Donna Talipsky said:

Thank you Cecile. That was very sweet if you – definitely a bright spot on Friday❣️


Robin said:

Thank you for this cute and creative Halloween pin keep. I’m already gathering my supplies.


Kris said:

This guy is seriously too cute. Going to make me a couple for gifts.

Shirley Rajewski

Shirley Rajewski said:

It is adorable

Gail Brown

Gail Brown said:

I’m new to this. I don’t know where to find the wools! Why don’t they give the choice to have the extras included in the kits?

Cecile McPeak

Cecile McPeak said:

For Gail, and all our readers, please check the past posts for the June 5 blog. We know it helps to have a list of shops selling the lovely wools we use for our pincushions.

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