Inspiration: Make-It-Simple Spoolkeep

August 15, 2020

Life is complicated--sometimes it's good to simplify. 
JABC - Make It Simple Spoolkeep
Occasionally a Pin Lover's Club friend asks for an alternative to the pincushion pattern we send.  This is our all-time favorite--glue a felted wool ball to a wooden spool then add a bit of ribbon.  We call it a spoolkeep.
Here we've arranged a small display for the spoolkeep --a black plate, tiny black frame, and a scattering of buttons and shells.  So simple!
JABC - Sea Star
The Sea Star is #25 in the series of free pincushion patterns we send with Pin Lover's Club.  Whether you sew the Sea Star, make a simple spoolkeep or just collect your Pin-Mini packs in a basket, we thank you for making a place in your home for our made-by-us products.
At the Shore Pin-Mini's were shipped August 3.  If you'd like to join Pin Lover's Club, new subscribers may ask to have their subscriptions begin with this set.
Be well Friends.

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