New for Cross Stitch:  Baby Boy & Baby Girl
March 10, 2022

New for Cross Stitch: Baby Boy & Baby Girl

Overflowing with Cuteness

It used to be that the button crew at Just Another Button Company was a bit more youthful -- with lots of young children between us.  Now several of us have grandchildren--with three new baby boys just in the last few months.

It's no surprise then that our newest cross stitch designs feature a baby boy and baby girl--and take a look at that adorable button pacifier.  So much cuteness!

JABC - Baby Boy

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#MakeSomeHappy:  Snow Much to Love
January 19, 2022

#MakeSomeHappy: Snow Much to Love

2021 -- Looking for the Bright Spots

Remember Beau & Belle Snow Tuffets?  Creating this Valentine pair kept me occupied during COVID recovery last January: sleep a while, sew a while; sleep some more; repeat.  I stitched both tuffets by hand--perfect, as I spent many a day just sitting on my bed.  Eventually the Snow couple would become a sewing pattern, but for the moment they were just a bright spot in a gloomy month.

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