Inspiration: Button Zen

August 18, 2020

JABC - BE WELL Button Lover's Club

At JABC, we often find ourselves using "Be Well" to close messages and conversations with friends and neighbors--a sign of the times.  The sentiment inspired our Button Lover's Club box in May. 


JABC - BE WELL Button Lover's Club

This is a '"spill"--a word we made up to describe the planned pouring of a pile of buttons.  We spill the buttons, we play with them and take photos...then we put them back into containers.

This time, the spill stayed out on a work table and became Button Zen--pretty, touchable and calming. 

JABC - BE WELL Button Lover's Club

Then, the BE WELL button spill moved to a plate, with a bit of floral and a ceramic bird.  Now the original spill is officially a Button Zen Garden for my desk.  I don't know why I find the sight and feel of buttons so calming, but it works.

If you missed the May Button Lover's Club and want to arrange your own Button Zen Garden, there are a few boxes left in the online store.  

Be well, Friends.


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