Free Pattern: Love From Home

April 10, 2020

Like many of you, we are at home. The word HOME has taken on extra meaning these days. It is not just the place we live, but now the place where we live, work and learn. Most importantly, it is the place were we are safe and sheltered to show our concern for the ones we love.

Love From Home echoes spring and all that is in bloom with colorful posies and a bee, but it's really about the appliqued heart and banner featuring the word HOME. The small gift tag and heart buttons are added to show the love sent from our homes to yours.

In the supply list below, you'll find the colors of Week's Dye Works wool that we used, but feel free to choose what coordinates with your decor. We chose pillow colors to coordinate with our Easter Berries Bowl Fillers so we could leave the berries out after Easter.



Transfer the pattern pieces onto the wool (see our tutorial). Cut out each piece.

Place the large heart in the center of the square block. Pin or fuse in place. Use coordinating thread or floss to add a blanket stitch around the edge of the heart.

Place the banner over the center of the heart. Tack the banner in place with a few quick stitches along the edge of the heart to hold it in place. Be sure to keep the ends of the banner free.

Lay the leaves and flowers on the left edge of the banner to determine placement. Be sure that all are far enough left for the HOME buttons to fit on the right side of the banner. After deciding the placement, remove the flowers and set them aside. Use a coordinating thread to secure the leaves in place with a straight stitch through the center of the leaf.

Place each flower in place. Layer a circle in the center of each circle. Use a contrasting thread or floss to secure each flower in place with straight stitches as shown.

Use a second contrasting thread or floss to add french knots to the center of each flower.

Center the square block on the scalloped back. Pin in place. Machine stitch about 1/8" from the inside edge of the square block. Fold the ends of the banner back to keep them free from the seams.

To fill the pillow, use the Frankenstitch Finish. Turn the pillow over, make a straight 1" vertical cut in the center of the back of the scallop layer. 

Fill the pillow with wool roving or fiber fill. Use a small dowel rod to work the fiber into the corners of the pillow. Stuff until the pillow is firm.

Use a coordinating thread to stitch the opening closed. We've used a contrasting thread to illustrate that the stitches don't need to be too tidy. 

Pin or fuse the small heart over the stitching on the back of the small pillow. Add a blanket stitch around the heart patch if desired.  

Place the small heart button on top of the gift tag button. Use a pencil to mark the button holes. With the gift tag button on a cushioned surface (like a mouse pad) use an embroidery or thicker sewing needle to gently pierce through the gift tag button. Stitch the heart button to the gift tag button through the pierced holes.

Use a needle and thread to stitch the assembled gift tag to the pillow along the left edge of the heart below the cluster of flowers.

Sew the tiny prairie bee button to the heart above the flowers and banner. Stitch the HOME buttons to the banner to the right of the flowers.

TIP: The Snug-A-Button technique is really helpful for attaching buttons to a finished pillow like this one.

The final step is always the most fun... placing the finished pillow in your favorite basket or bowl for display!

We hope that this sweet little pillow reminds you of the love we all show when we shelter at HOME.



Susie said:

Thank you so much!!! I love your products and your company 😃🤗

Maureen Livingston

Maureen Livingston said:

Do you sell the wool for this? I don’t see it on the website.

Carmen Montmarquet

Carmen Montmarquet said:

Thank You so much for such a cute pin cushion, can’t wait to make it!!


Barbara said:

Thank you so much for this timely pillow!

Donna farber

Donna farber said:

Pattern is so cute

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