Inspiration: Easter Berries Bowl Filler

March 28, 2020

Have you noticed how buttons are seeds that plant ideas? The new JABC Seeds for Easter buttons inspired this Easter Berries project. Use our free instructions and add a fun splash of color to your home.  This is a quick and simple project--fill a bowl in no time!

These felted-wool beauties share the same warm fuzzies as an arrangement of dyed eggs, but they don't need refrigeration! 

So pretty gathered in this dough bowl...

To create the Easter Berries Bowl Fillers, we've embellished ready made felted-wool balls with tiny felted-wool flowers and our hand-dyed Sprinkles buttons. The Sprinkle mix in the new Seeds for Easter pack is simply perfect for adding a small touch of texture to each Berry.


Make 3 Berries or a bowl full--these are so simple! Layer a wool flower with a Sprinkles hand-dyed button. Use coordinating thread and a needle to sew the flower and button to the wool ball.

Check out our Snug-A-Button Stitch School Tutorial for a fool-proof technique for stitching the buttons and flowers in place. Find the tutorial here: Snug-A-Button Tutorial.

Place the assembled Easter Berries into a decorative bowl. Enjoy this fun and fresh bowl of color all season long!


Patricia Dimberio

Patricia Dimberio said:


Kitty O'Brien

Kitty O'Brien said:

Have wondered how to do this for years. Thanks so very much. The video will be so helpful and was explained and demonstrated so clearly.


Shirley Clark-Berryhill

Shirley Clark-Berryhill said:

Can I buy any of the felted balls?

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