Free Pattern: PEEP Bitty Button Block

April 03, 2020

Last week we shared our new Easter Berries Bowl Fillers  and were thrilled with your response! Now we're excited to show you another free pattern that coordinates beautifully with the Easter Berries. Like the Easter Berries Bowl Fillers, it features our Seeds for Easter button mix. You can use any buttons left after making Easter Berries!

These adorable mini pillows can be used as bowl fillers, ornaments or as small pincushions. They feature a "bitty" version of the popular Button Block Alphabet pattern by designer Tammy Tutterow. The original pattern features a 4" block alphabet. The letters spelling PEEP in this special-edition are just 2" tall! 



Transfer the pattern pieces onto the wool (see our tutorial). Cut out each piece. If using different colors for the blocks (like the example), cut 2 (a front and back) from four different colors. Center one letter on each of the four block fronts. Pin or fuse in place.

Use a needle and coordinating thread to add a blanket stitch around each letter.

Use a needle and green embroidery thread to add embroidery stitches as desired to the two E and one P blocks.

If following the examples above:

  • The first E has a short backstitch line to create a small flower stem.
  • The second E and P blocks have a longer backstitch line with a Lazy Daisy stitch on each end of the line.

Add Seeds for Easter buttons to each block.

In the example above:

  • The first P (without embroidery) has the handmade bunny button and three small hand-dyed buttons on the leg of the P.
  • The E with the short embroidery line has the small handmade flower button at the top of the stem. The handmade chick button sits next to the flower stem.
  • The E and P blocks with the long embroidery line each have a hand-dyed heart button at the center of each line.

Pin the front of each block to its matching back piece. If desired, sandwich a decorative trim between the two layers.

Machine stitch about 1/8" from the edge of each block.

To fill each block, use the Frankenstitch Finish. Turn each block over, make a straight 1" vertical cut in the center of the back layer of wool.

Fill the pillow with wool roving or fiber fill. Use a small dowel rod to work the fiber into the corners of the pillow.

Use a coordinating thread to stitch the opening closed. We've used a contrasting thread to illustrate that the stitches don't need to be too tidy.

Pin or fuse one of the small hearts over the stitching on the back of the small pillow.  


Display your PEEP Bitty Button Blocks in a favorite bowl. Add Easter Berries Bowl Fillers to add extra color and texture.

We love this bowl of happy color!  Do we have to put it away after April?


Anita McTighe

Anita McTighe said:

Do you sell the Weeks Dye Work Wool? I can’t seem to find anything that comes in small sizes.


Cheryl said:

So cute! Thank you!

Rhonda Whittington

Rhonda Whittington said:

Thank you so much for this gorgeous design. I’m really looking forward to getting a start on it but I have no printer at the moment and because we’re self isolating, it might be a little while before I can get it fixed, but I love this. Thank you again

Mary R

Mary R said:

I’ve ordered small cuts of Weeks felted wool from in the past. I believe they’re called Schnigglets. They measure 8” x 8” and are $6 each.

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