Val's Ear-Resistible Rabbit Kit

SKU: npp33

This Val's Ear-Resistible Rabbit perforated paper kit is a quick stitch with a unique twist. You stitch the border and vine on the printed perforated paper! Kit includes buttons.

Here's a slideshow to explain, click here.


What is NeedlePrint & Play?

It's a line of printed perforated paper kits. Each design has a custom background printed on perf. paper, a chart for a small amount of stitching, a printed card to line the stitching and buttons for embellishment. Finishing instructions are included inside the kit. The piece measures about 4" x 6".


Where is your perforated paper from?

Our paper is designed and printed at Just Another Button Company headquarters to create one-of-a-kind cross stitch kits!   This adorable rabbit was designed by Valerie Danish of Val's Stuff. Please check your local shop for other Val's Stuff designs!


Note: Minimum purchase 3 for wholesale price.

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