[square.ology] sail.around

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[square.ology] sail·around

Stitch this [square.ology] sail.around chart and flat finish with our complimentary finishing instructions! Finish with the embellishment pack - 10040  which includes all the decorative [square.parts] for finishing your stitching just like the one on the cover. Stitched on 30 count Weeks Dye Works Sea Foam linen. Design size is 60 x 60. What’s the new concept? Stitch a repeating design from a chart that shows just a corner. How does the [square.ology] concept work? A pivot point is marked at the lower left corner of the chart.  Center the pivot point on the linen and stitch the chart.  Rotate the chart clockwise, stitch then repeat twice to watch the design unfold.

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