First Look: January Button Lover's Club

January 01, 2021

JABC - Love Notes

It was love at first frost.

While brainstorming for the January Take Heart Tin: Love Notes, we hit on the idea of combining Valentine's Day and snow people.  We're all crazy about the cute couple these two new buttons make, but still haven't hit on the right names...

Crystal and Clark?

Flurry and Frosty?

Help us give them names so we can reveal the rest of the buttons in this darling tin! Comment below or on social media with your suggestion for names. 

Button Lover's Club, Take Heart Tin: Love Notes ships January 20.  We hope to have enough tins to to fill all the orders on the waiting list--that's the plan!

You can join the waiting list HERE.

JABC - Love Notes

Stay warm, Button Friends!




Bethany said:

Cooper and Cierra

Susan Nesti

Susan Nesti said:

How about Joe and Dr. JILL

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