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November 23, 2018

When I spotted this flower bouquet in the Sunnyside Up fabric collection I fell in love. It was so lovely that I found myself wanting to frame it and put it on display! I decided to do just that by framing the fabric in an embroidery hoop. Wood embroidery hoops are a fun and easy way to display fabric and hand-stitching. In addition to the hoop frame, I chose to embellish the fabric with buttons from this month’s collection and a few of my favorite (and easy) embroidery stitches to add more detail and dimension.

SHINE Button Hoop Art Supplies:

SHINE Button Hoop Art Instructions:

  1. Begin by cutting a 10” square of fabric (or smaller if you plan to use a smaller hoop). Then iron a piece of interfacing (Face It– Soft) to the back. This will stabilize the fabric for embroidery and make it look nicer in the hoop.
  2. Next loosen the screw on the outside ring of the embroidery hoop and separate the inner and outer rings. Lay the inner ring on a flat surface. Drape the fabric, right side up, over the ring. Then press the outer ring down over the fabric and the inner ring. Tighten the screw if necessary and pull on the edges of the fabric until it’s taut.
  3. Embroider with 2 or 3 strands to add some texture to your fabric. I used straight stitches, colonial knots and lazy daisies.
  4. Arrange buttons on your hooped fabric and use our Snug-a-Button technique to sew them on.
  5. Turn your hoop over to finish it. Using a needle and a long double strand of thread, sew up and down through the extra fabric, an inch away from the edge of the hoop. Take large stitches and sew all the way around the circle. Then pull your thread to tighten the stitches and gather the extra fabric on the back of the hoop. Secure your thread to hold the gathers in place.

Not familiar with the embroidery stitches I used? Check out this awesome stitch guide from DMC.

-> Download the SHINE Hoop Art Project sheet.

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