Cottontail & Carrot Cupcake Pincushion --supplies only, pattern & pins sold separately

SKU: pk594

The finished pincushion shown is made from the felt pieces included in this kit.

Wool-blend Felt Supply Kit includes:

  • White, yellow, spice, lt & med green, pink wool-blend felt
  • 10-Pre-cut felt flowers and leaves
  • JABC button pack #10713
  • 1-felted wool carrot
  • Lavender ribbon

You will also need:

  • JABC Pattern Cottontail & Carrot Cupcake Pincushion, P1084 available as a leaflet or PDF or included free if you belong to Pin Lover’s Club
  • JABC Pin-Mini #jpm554 or use your Carrot Cake pins if you belong to Pin Lover’s Club
  • Roving, 1 oz.
  • Ground walnut shells for weight (recommended)
  • Floss or thread to match wool and button colors
  • Medium-weight cardboard

The button pack for this pincushion is also sold separately, #10713.

 Retail only, please.

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