cross stitch chart - [square.ology] pennant.frame

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cross stitch chart - [square.ology] pennant.frame

Buy this pennant cross stitch chart to stitch your own Pennant.Frame and add some whimsy to your life. This design was created by Just Another Button Company and Hands On Design for their cooperative series, Square.ology. If you're new to Square.ology, read about it on our blog. We stitched the model on 30 count Weeks Dye Works Morris Blue linen. Design size is 60 x 60. Finish with our complimentary finishing instructions and read about how you can make your own pennant banner to hang your piece. For the perfect embellishments, you'll need pack –  10065 which includes all the decorative [] for finishing your stitching just like the one on the cover.  

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