JABC Stitch School: How to Make a Button Buddy

July 18, 2019

JABC Stitch School | How to make a Button Buddy

This week on Instagram and Facebook we're having a Button Buddy Bonanza -- we're introducing you to our collection of Button Buddy pincushions and putting a few of our favorites in the spotlight. We also have a sale on Button Buddy patterns... more on that in a moment.

As part of our Button Buddy Bonanza, we are bringing you a new episode in our Stitch School video series. In the video below, I'll show you how to make a Button Buddy!

JABC Stitch School | How to make a button Buddy

But first, let me tell you what a Button Buddy is...

Button Buddies are fun petite-sized pincushions that are packed with personality! We combine a felted-wool ball with handmade buttons for features, a few bits of felted-wool for details, and a hand-dyed button for a base. All combined, these elements create a tiny pincushion that is fun to sit on your sewing table and display your favorite Just Pins and Pin-Mini sets!

Button Buddy Bonanza Pattern Sale!

Button Buddy patterns are now available as pdf downloads in our store! And now through Sunday (7/21/19) they are on sale for just $1!

And talk about making shopping easy... when you look at the Button Buddy pattern listings in our store, scroll to the bottom of each one to see handy links to the wool balls and button packs needed to make it!

How to Make a Button Buddy

Isn't that so fun? Of course we love that Button Buddies are quick and easy to make, fun and functional, and most of all, just so adorable! We can't help but smile when we look at them!

PS. Here are a few handy links:


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