JABC Stitch School: The Split Stitch

July 12, 2018

Last week we kicked off a new series called JABC Stitch School. We are so excited at the response you gave to the first lesson! We look forward to bringing you even more of our favorite stitches. We will be feature great basic stitches in this series. They are ones we use often on our JABC appliqué and pincushion projects and think you will love adding them to your “stitch toolbox”! This week we are featuring the Split Stitch.

The Split Stitch is so easy to learn and is such a great utility stitch. You can use it to add detail to shapes like I am on the butterflies on this Flutterby Sliders Pincushion.

Begin by bringing your threaded needle up from the back of the fabric. A simple knot at the end of your thread will secure the stitch.

In this example I am using two strands of floss in my needle. You can use more if you want a more substantial line (the pink and green example above was stitched with 4 strands.)

Move your needle down the length of one stitch. The length can be as long or as short as you would like. Experiment with different lengths to see how it changes the look of the stitch. In my example I used about 1/8″ for my stitch length.

Pierce your needle through the fabric to take it to the back of the fabric.

Before you pull your stitch tight, bring the needle back to the front of the fabric. The stitch should be right in the middle of the first stitch and between the threads of the first stitch. You are “splitting” your first stitch and the threads in half.

Pull the thread to tighten the stitch. Pull only as tight as you like. Experiment with looser loopier stitches and tighter more compact stitches. How snug you make your stitch will change the look of the completed stitch.

Snugging your stitch completes the first split stitch.

To continue, move your needle ahead the desired stitch length and stitch. Pierce the needle through the fabric to send the needle to the back of the fabric.

As before, bring the needle up to the top of the fabric again in the middle of your previous stitch, splitting the stitch and the threads in half. Pull the thread to tighten the stitch.

Continue stitching in the same manner until you complete your line or shape.

Wasn’t that so easy? You will love what a handy stitch the Split Stitch is! It is perfect for adding solid line details and outlines to your projects!

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