Video Tutorial: How To Hand Dye Buttons

April 19, 2018

Last week we told you a little about our recent visit to Fat Quarter Shop in Texas and how we filmed several video tutorials while there. We are so excited to share another of the videos with you today. We think you will enjoy it, as it is something we get asked often, “how do you dye buttons?”.

In this video, Rachel shows the tools she uses and her process for hand-dying buttons. This is the same process she uses here at Just Another Button Company to make our hand-dyed buttons in all your favorites, Smoothies, Sprinkles, Party Packs and Snack Packs!

How to make Hand-Dyed Buttons:

We hope you enjoyed this look into how we hand-dye buttons! Be sure to visit us next Friday for a look at how we create our handmade clay buttons!

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