July 14, 2015

We were inspired to create a Halloween mini-set of [square.ology], that we’re calling [scare.ology]…aren’t we clever?

We’re always looking for fun new finishing ideas for [square.ology] and we’ve definitely found a good one for Scare.ology! We teamed up with Retromantic Fripperies to make a special thread organizer and box that make these finished pieces to-die-for! The box and the thread organizer are hand painted black with have a rubbed wax finish. The edges are distressed which adds a touch of vintage flavor.

Never.More Cross Stitch Chart

And Scary.Bit Cross Stitch Chart


You can finish your stitching just like we did! Start by following our Flat Finish Tutorial to flat finish your stitching. Then attach to the box or the thread organizer with stitchery tape.

The scare.ology box works with the never.more chart as it is optimized for a 4″ square design.

The scare.ology thread organizer works with the scary.bit as it is optimized for a 2″ square design.

We hope you enjoy stitching and finishing scare.ology!

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