Needleprint & Play Finishing

March 29, 2016

Let’s put the “Play” in NeedlePrint & Play!

One of my favorite parts of NeedlePrint & Play is the endless finishing options! When we unveiled the line to our wholesale customers we filled our booth with oodles of models! We used wood blocks, frames, banners, accordion chipboard, decorative clipboards, painter’s canvases. Because the edges of the paper don’t ravel– like linen does– you can trim the piece close to the edge and display it with “raw” edges! You can fit your piece onto whatever you can find!

Feel free to color outside the lines! We want you to be creative!

Want to know where to start?

Watch the video below and I’ll show you a few of the most basic NeedlePrint & Play finishes. I’ll also give you some tips for trimming your piece to fit onto a smaller object.


Watch this too!

Be sure to check out our first NeedlePrint & Play post/ video that shows you exactly what’s inside a kit and has more tips for stitching!

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