Button Lover’s Club: Words With Buttons Dream “Scrap Star” Pillow

September 20, 2018

There are so many things to love about using  Splendid Sampler quilt blocks for mini-pillows like the ones we feature in our Words with Buttons projects. I love that my piecing skills are getting a workout by trying out so many different block patterns (finally, a workout I can love!). I also love that quilt blocks call for such a variety of fabrics than other styles of pillows would (I have 5 different prints in this one!). And finally, I love that they challenge me to think outside the box (or maybe inside the box in this case) when it comes to finding different ways to finish my blocks into pillows. Read on to find out why I decided to use boxed corners on this pillow!

Scrap Star Pillow Supplies:

Measurements for fabrics are on page 14 of The Splendid Sampler.

A & B — periwinkle & coral prints

C, D, E & F—white print

G & H— light colored print (butterfly print)

I, J & K— coral print

Coral print strips (for borders) –  (4) 1¼” x 6½” & (4) 1¼” x 8”

6½” square (for pillow backing)

Scrap Star Pillow Instructions:

  1. Follow the instructions on page 14 of The Splendid Sampler to make the “Scrap Star” Block by Corey Yoder.
  2. Iron your block to the 6½” square of Dreamy Fusible Fleece.
  3. Add the borders (1¼” x 6½”) to the left and right sides of the block. Press toward the borders.
  4. Add the borders (1¼” x 8”) to the top and bottom of the block. Press toward the borders.
  5. Quilt as desired.
  6. Add borders to the backing square, following these instructions: Sew the 1¼” x 6½” borders to the top and bottom and 1¼” x 8” borders to the sides.
  7. Put a pin in both the quilt block and the backing to mark the top end. Matching the top borders lay the two pieces right sides together and sew all the way around.
  8. Use our Franken-Stitch Finish technique to turn your pillow right-side-out. Make a 2½” diagonal slit in the backing fabric ONLY.
  9. Turn the pillow right-side-out through the slit.
  10. Stuff the pillow just enough to give it shape but don’t fill it.
  11. At the moment, the pillow is shaped like a four-pointed star. Make “poke corners” to create a boxed-edge shape for the pillow—use a dull pencil to push one corner of the pincushion back inside the shape. Pinch the seamlines together at the edges of the poke.  Hand sew where the seamlines meet at the corner. (Watch our “Poke Corner” video to see a demonstration of this technique.)
  12. Add more stuffing if desired and whipstitch the slit closed.
  13. Optional: Add an applique heart to cover your stitches.
  14. Center a button (or button stack) on top of the block and sew in place through all the layers of the pillow. While sewing through the pillow, gently pull your thread tight to tuft the pillow.

-> Download the Scrap Star Pillow Project sheet.

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