What’s in a name? Get to know our Sprinkles, Snack, Smoothie, and Party Packs

With 35 colors of hand-dyed buttons we give you have lots of creative possibilities for adding buttons to your projects. Now multiply that by 50, because those 35 colors of buttons are available in over 50 different shapes and sizes. That is a lot of options!

If that sounds overwhelming, don’t worry, we have simplified things by offering all 35 colors and 50 styles in four different serving sizes!

Sprinkles Pack

JABC Sprinkles Pack - Lemon Drop

Sprinkles packs are just what the name implies, fun micro-mini buttons that are like button funfetti! Each pack contains 35+ buttons in an assortment of 8 different styles in a matte finish. The small size of Sprinkles make them perfect for accenting embroidery, cross stitch, and papercraft projects.

Snack Pack

JABC Snack Pack - Lemon Drop

Snack Packs are a snack size serving of buttons. Each Snack Pack includes 8 buttons in two different finishes- a pearl and a matte translucent. The pack is perfect for a project or two that calls for coordinating buttons.

Fans of Joan Hawley’s Lazy Girl Designs Button Boats will love Snack Packs!  One pack contains enough buttons for two boats!

Smoothie Pack

JABC Smoothie Pack - Lemon Drop

Smoothie Packs get their name from their wonderful matte finish. Each Smoothie Pack includes 25 buttons 5 sizes that vary in size from 3/16″ – 1″. Cotton and wool appliqué enthusiasts love Smoothies for the matte finish.

Party Pack

JABC Party Pack - Lemon Drop

Party Packs are a button party in a box! With 55 buttons in a pack in a variety of flavors styles, there are plenty to share among many different projects! Styles and sizes vary in each pack but include matte, pearl, and translucent finishes.

Fun Facts about JABC hand-dyed buttons-

  • Shade variations produced by dyeing provide handmade appeal.
  • We start with white, polyester buttons, then hand-dye them in 35 different color collections (15 fresh colors, 15 organic colors, and 5 neutrals).
  • Hand-dyed buttons can be machine washed and are suitable for clothing projects. (Do not iron the buttons.)
  • Our hand-dyed buttons can be machine stitched.

No matter the project you have in mind, we are confident that one of our button packs will have the buttons you need!

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