Cross Stitch Finishing Tutorial – Pennant Banner

Today we’re bringing you the third cross stitch finishing tutorial for square.ology. We hope you’re having fun following these finishing tutorials. We’re having lots of fun sharing our ideas with you. Follow this tutorial to make a pennant banner from our Whimsy Cross Stitch Charts. The full tutorial is shown below but you can also download a PDF here.


[whimsy] design stitched on 30 count linen

Matboard (4 3/8” square)

Batting (4 3/8” square)

Lacing thread (hand quilting thread or pearl cotton #8)

Stitchery tape (double-sided, acid free)

Scrapbook paper

Paper Accents – Kraft Chipboard Pennants   (5” x 8”, available in craft stores)

White twisted cord—1/4” diameter

Scotch tape




Sharp sewing needles

Rotary cutter

Quilter’s ruler

Cutting mat


Box cutter

X-acto Knife

Hole punch

Iron & pressing surface

Brown Sharpie

[square.ology] flat-finish tutorial


Prepare the Flat-Finished Square:

  • Using the [square.ology] Flat-Finish Tutorial, flat finish any of the 4” whimsy designs.
  • Sew any embellishments to the flat-finished piece using a small needle and matching thread.

Prepare the Paper Pennant:

  • Cut small pieces of stitchery tape and apply around the edges of a chipboard pennant. Remove the backing paper from the tape.

photo #1 - whimsy

  • Lay the pennant (tape-side-down) on the wrong side of your scrapbook paper. Press the pennant against the paper to make the tape stick.
  • Using an X-acto knife and cutting mat, trim the paper even with the edges of the chipboard pennant.

photo #2 - whimsy

  • Line up the hole punch with the holes in the chipboard and punch holes in the paper to match.

photo #3 - whimsy

  • Using a brown (or dark blue) Sharpie, color any visible edges of the chipboard.


Finish the Pennant:

  • Place the flat-finished stitching face-down. Put strips of stitchery tape along the edges and remove the backing paper.

photo #4 - whimsy

  • Arrange the flat-finished square on the paper side of the pennant according to the picture and press down to apply the tape to the paper.

photo #5 - whimsy


Finish the Garland:

  • Make more pennants with the other [whimsy] stitched pieces and extra ones by covering some pennants with just paper.
  • Tie a knot 12” from the end of your cord (adjust the 12” if you want a longer “tail” at the end of your banner).

photo #6 - whimsy

  • Lay the cord with the knot on the right and the unknotted end on the left. You will string from left to right. Wrap a piece of Scotch tape around the left end of the cord to make threading easier.
  • String the cord through the right hole of the first pennant, from the front to the back. Slide the pennant to the right until the hole meets the knot you made.

photo #7 - whimsy

  • Now thread the cord through the left hole, from the back to the front. Tie a knot right in front of the hole.

photo #8 -whimsy

  • Choose how much space you want to leave between this and the next pennant and then tie a knot at that point.
  • Repeat steps 4 & 5 until all of your pennants are threaded onto the cord.


Enjoy your [whimsy] pennant banner!




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Whimsy Wedding

Today we’re sharing the inspiration behind our newest [square.ology] release, Whimsy.


5 years ago on a hot day in June JABC designer, Rachel married her husband Josh. The outdoor ceremony and reception where full of red, white and blue whimsy. From vintage blue mason jars and fabric pennant garlands to bouquets of paper flowers, it was festive summer affair.

These photos were taken by Elizabeth Maxson for Where Women Create and shared originally on her blog. Enjoy!
















Now you can stitch some festive, summer-time Whimsy of your own! See the charts here.


Red, White and…Blueberry

Do you cringe when you see the words Throwback Thursday? Do you hope you are not pictured again in a high school photo sporting a hairstyle you’d just as soon forget?

Not this time–although we enjoy seeing those photos of our stitching friends in the days before we knew them!

This version of Throwback Thursday will be free of embarrassment! Just Another Button Company is going to have a little fun on selected Thursdays showing you some of our old free designs and occasionally a new release based on the original theme. As before, you will receive a complimentary chart when you purchase the button pack for the design. Both the old and the new charts will continue to be available.

The new designs will be presented in shiny new packaging with the chart enclosed. Older free charts are black and white copies—the new ones have a color photo.


This is Sweet Liberty, circa 2005—

7414 Sweet Liberty automatic photo SED.indd#7412

$16.50 retail price for the JABC buttons

The chart is FREE!

We’ve freshened the look for 2014 with some deeper reds and blues and created a new button pack using berries and birds we didn’t make yet in 2005.

The result is Red, White and Blueberry—a fresh-picked berry design perfect for summer!

front of Red White and Blueberry #9862


$11.70 Retail price for the JABC buttons


The chart is FREE!

Look for this new product in your favorite needlework shop!

Thanks for stopping by! Here’s hoping that no one posts any embarrassing pictures of you..or me today!


Cecile McPeak