We’re Back Online!

It was Black Thursday—April 30th—when our website went berserk.  First the wheels fell off the Shopping Cart and then the Search Box forgot how to spell and then entire pages began to play hide-and-seek. We kept in touch with you by phone and email, taking lots of deep breaths as one fix after another led to more digital issues.




Some things that we did to stay busy while living under our digital black cloud:

  • Four Buttoneers celebrated birthdays and three celebrated graduations. And JABC marked it’s 19th anniversary! 
  • Rachel bought a new house AND had a baby. That’s right—we have another Miss Button!
  • Miss Amelia Button learned at least 75 new words, including sunshine and helicopter. She’s mastered all the hand movements to accompany Wheels on the Bus, and she is thrilled that the new baby doll at her house (Miss Anna Button) has real hair—not the molded, painted-on variety.


button babies


  • [Square.ology] releases [AHOY] and [SCARE.OLOGY] were shipped to shops, and Juicy Fruits Sliders slid in right behind. New [WHIMSY} and halloween Sliders are underway!

juicy fruit on buttons1


  • Row by Row launched in quilt shops all over North America and we shipped a boat-load of water-themed buttons to happy shops.
  • On a related note, Buttoneer Darla drilled 132,730 holes in JABC buttons and Dawn labeled and filled about 6000 little zip bags.



  • Meanwhile Cecile learned a bunch of tech-speak from the support team at our hosting company—and the first names of EVERY team member. Sadly, none of these smart-guys could figure out how masses of digital garbage could suddenly clog my site when all I did was upgrade the server to handle credit cards more safely.


We needed a real human to help.  Enter our Database Ninja—Brittany.  She’s been working round-the-clock since the end of May to fix what she called the Perfect Storm hidden behind our site.  I pictured cleaning out a closet.  Brittany pulled everything out and was amazed at how it all could have fit into a space so small.  Apparently she found over a half a million digital mismatched socks and broken tennis rackets that should have been pitched months ago.

Thanks to Brittany, storm damage is repaired, the closet is clean and the wheels are back on the shopping cart. Plus, our brand new website maintenance plan is in place.

We love our customers—we appreciate that you continued to call and email us when you couldn’t get the site to work!  To thank you for weathering the storm—we are offering free shipping on all online orders through July 8th, up to $10 value. Includes wholesale and retail orders.


A last deep breath as we put this chapter behind us,

Cecile's Signature



Nautical Nursery

Please come in…

Martin Nursery-5

Welcome to Amelia –Miss Button’s nursery!

Martin Nursery-22

With pirates, whales, octopus, waves, and mermaids for inspiration, the result is this special room for our daughter Amelia. My hope is that it will inspire her imagination as much as it does mine.

I have a special place in my heart for the sea and my husband Josh has been interested in pirates all his life –he has a collection of Lego pirate ships (he might be a little geeky, but in a good way). So when Sarah Jane Studios released a line of nautical fabric and art prints, Out to Sea, I just knew it was for us! The only problem was that we didn’t have a baby.

But I had faith that we would one day be parents so I collected as much of the fabric as I could and bought as many of the art prints as I could afford (and then a few more) so that when the day came, I would be able to decorate a beautiful nursery for our child.

About a year later our prayers were answered when I found out I was pregnant!

We combined the Out to Sea fabric and art prints with lots of props and some special DIY’d furniture to create the room of our dreams.

Here’s a closer look.

Martin Nursery-9
Dresser and Hutch – We added the accent at the top with some of the Out to Sea fabric and gave it a nice creamy-white coat of paint and some pink glass knobs
Martin Nursery-17
We wanted the crib to be extra special so we upholstered a custom headboard with another Out to Sea fabric
Martin Nursery-11
The ottoman – we reupholstered this tufted ottoman using more of the Out to Sea fabric
Martin Nursery-21
Here’s a close up of the buttons on the ottoman – my favorite part!

And we added some adorable props…

Martin Nursery-13
It’s a whale weather vane! How cute!


Martin Nursery-10
An aqua and white ship’s wheel
Martin Nursery-19
A mobile that reminds me of a jelly fish
Martin Nursery-14
And a pirate ship kite!

All finished!

Martin Nursery-7

Martin Nursery-25

Martin Nursery-23

Martin Nursery-20

This room is now our favorite place to spend time. Ameila is 3.5 months old now and we’ve already made so many wonderful memories here.

2014-01-26 18.37.50

A special thank you to our friend David (David Ayres Photography) for meeting us when we brought Amelia home from the hospital. He was able to take photos before anything had spit-up on it. : )

How Big is Baby?

A popular website, The Bump, helps young parents imagine the growth of their unborn child in a wonderfully visual way.  Early this year, as my daughter Rachel’s pregnancy progressed, she would share with her JABC friends that today her baby was:

the size of an apple seed at 5 weeks…

2232 T

and the size of a sweet pea at 6 weeks…


and the size of a blueberry at 7 weeks…

2330 S

I’m sure you’re not surprised that when Rachel said appleseed, I pictured an appleseed button, …and sweet pea button… and blueberry button.  I can’t help it.


What this expected Button Baby really needed was a fanciful button growth chart. With baby’s mom and dad having back-to-back birthdays a few weeks away, a gift-worthy project was born. I chose some of Rachel’s favorite buttons in sizes to represent the growing baby and pictured embroidered dates for each week–with the buttons stitched to a tree to represent the new growing family.  At 12 weeks I ran out of buttons large enough to continue the growth chart, but no matter, it was the parents’ birthday week–a perfect place to finish.  Week 13 would be a little button collage.

baby martin


To begin the growth chart design, I drew a tree trunk on cotton fabric and used all the woodsy brown and gray wool threads from The Gentle Arts to fill the trunk with rows of stem stitches. A big handful of leaves snipped from Weeks Dye Works felted wool filled out the branches.  A heart button on the tree trunk with Josh and Rachel’s initials was a perfect way to acknowledge the parents’ love for each other and the child.

top of chart        gc photo3        gc photo4

It’s been a while since I made a birthday gift and I enjoyed every minute!


So, how big is baby now?  Please meet Miss Button…

amelia & chart1 copy

She joined us on November 18, 2013 at 1:07pm, weighing 8 pounds and 1 ounce.  Congratulations Claire N.–your guess was the closest!

in the buttons

We think little Miss Button will be quite comfortable when she joins us at Just Another Button Company in a few weeks.


New Nana



How Do Our Buttons Grow?

How do our buttons grow?

The JABC family is growing — a new logo, a new website, a new book, and a new buttoneer!

While nothing can replace your neighborhood shops for purchasing supplies, we know you want to see EVERYTHING we make. Our new website makes it possible to tell you about our latest button adventures and make sure you will always have access to our entire collection. Many changes are still being made but we hope you visit us soon at www.justanotherbuttoncompany.com.


In the coming weeks we plan to introduce the Just Another Button Company team as we tell you who we are and what we do here.  You’ll meet mixers and drillers and slicers and bakers but for fun let’s start with our newest employee—in fact she hasn’t made her first button yet.

My daughter –and JABC designer—Rachel and her husband Joshua are expecting a baby girl very soon!

Enjoying the adorable baby clothes at Carter's! Having a girl is going to be dangerous!
Enjoying the adorable baby clothes at Carter’s — having a girl is going to be dangerous!

Our new little Miss Button will spend her first years at the button company observing our work and certainly spreading happiness.  We expect we may travel a bit less for a while, but you should see an extra touch of whimsy in everything we do—the delightful effect of working under a special sort of sunshine.

Buttoneers Dawn, Darla and Clarice are throwing a shower in honor of Miss Button — handmade invitations by Clarice.

We’re all excited here — want to join in the fun?  Be the one person who guesses closest to the baby’s weight and day/hour/minute of her birth (we’ll draw a name if multiple guesses are correct.)   What will you win if your guess is the closest?  One of each button we make—at last count that was over 1200 buttons!

spilling buttons
The grand(baby) prize — one of each button that we make here at JABC!

Miss Button’s due date is November 30, 2013.  Her dad weighed 7 lbs at birth and her mom 7 lbs 12 oz.  What’s your guess?  Post a comment to enter the contest, one entry per person.  We’ll accept entries through November 24 or until Rachel calls me to say today’s the day!