Pumpkin Spice Roll Pincushion--supplies only, pattern sold separately

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The finished pincushion shown is made from the felt pieces included in this kit.

Wool-blend Felt Supply Kit includes:

  • Creamy white wool-blend felt
  • Shades of brown wool-blend felt:
  1.   2 smallest pieces of brown--darkest brown for the star anise, medium brown for    the cinnamon stick
  2.   Long strip of darker warm brown for the outside of the cake roll
  3.   Medium warm brown for the cake roll ends
  • JABC button pack #10659
  • 2.5cm burnt orange felted wool ball
  • Freezer paper

You will also need:

  • JABC Pattern Pumpkin Spice Roll Pincushion, #P1081, available as a leaflet or PDF or included free if you belong to Pin Lover’s Club
  • JABC Pin-Mini #jpm533 or use your Pumpkin Spice pins if you belong to Pin Lover’s Club
  • Embroidery floss or #8 pearl cotton to match the felt ball
  • Roving, 1 oz.
  • Ground walnut shells for weight (optional)
  • Floss or thread to match wool and button colors

The button pack for this pincushion is also sold separately, #10659.

Please note that this wool-felt is cut to fit the P1081 pattern--not the "muffin top" version shown on the JABC blog.

 Retail only, please.

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