Join the Button Lover's Club: Take Heart Tin

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Button Lover's Club has a fresh new look--and a new name! 

Take Heart is now packaged in a collectible metal tin.  Peek through the clear lid to see the handmade button collection for July 2020--Pumpkin Bouquet.  Give the tin a little shake to hear the satisfying sound of the dozens of beautiful buttons inside!

What's in the Take Heart Tin?

Open the twist-off lid and see the special Take Heart button--handmade to coordinate with the Pumpkin Bouquet collection.  The collectible Take Heart button will be new with each club shipment and available only as a part of the button collection.

Pour the buttons out of the tin and poke through to find your favorites.  You'll discover more clay buttons (including a new flower and pumpkin) and a mouthwatering mix of hand-dyed buttons in matching colors. Unscramble the letter buttons to spell a word--PUMPKIN this time!

As soon as we found these charming palm-size tins, we knew they were perfect for our club buttons!  It's so satisfying to poke through the buttons in the tin, and so convenient to put them back in and close the lid until you need another dose of "happy."

The little tin measures about 2 1/2" in diameter and we fill it to the top with buttons-- all handmade and hand-dyed by us. Build your button collection one tin at a time, and Take Heart friends...buttons make us all happy!

How does the club ship?

Button Lover's Club continues to renew every second month with a different holiday theme featured through May 2021.

  • July 20 – Take Heart Pumpkin Bouquet (for Halloween)--still a few available at the club price if you sign up now!
  • September 20 – Take Heart Family Gathering (for Thanksgiving)
  • November 20 – Take Heart Merry Tidings (for Christmas)
  • January 20, 2021 – Take Heart Love Notes (for Valentine’s Day)
  • March 20, 2021 – Take Heart Hatch & Bloom (for Spring/Easter)
  • May 20, 2021 – Take Heart Remember Always (For Memorial Day/Independence Day)

What is the price for the club?

Retail price $19.50 is charged to your card when the Take Heart Tin subscription renews on the the above dates.  Add this product to your cart today to enroll in the club at no charge.

Are there options to upgrade my club?

Click here to see how to join the Tin + Sprinkler club instead!

Note to current club subscribers:  This subscription replaces the $28 BLC box.  If you've subscribed to Button Lover's Club already, you'll automatically be enrolled at the new $19.50 price.  You may cancel your subscription at any time--but we hope you don't!

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