NeedlePrint & Play

Come and Play!

I would love to introduce you to a brand new kind of cross stitch! NeedlePrint & Play is a whole new way to stitch. It brings together printed artwork and hand stitching.

How does it work?

Each NeedlePrint & Play kit contains a piece of perforated paper that has a design and centering marks printed on it. In addition, the kit contains a traditional cross stitch chart for embellishing the paper with stitching. Match the centering marks on the chart with the centering marks printed on the perforated paper.

When the design is stitched, add the buttons (included in the kit) and then attach the perforated paper to the included printed-card stock.

Watch how it’s done!

Keep watching the blog for more finishing ideas!!!

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  1. I just got an email today about Hearts and Flowers button collection. kit for $28. I cannot get to it as when I click on it it gives me a message error not found.

    I love it and want to order,
    Thank you

    Nancy Haines

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