JABC Stitch School: Poke Corners

JABC Stitch School Poke Corners | www.justanotherbuttoncompany.com

You’ve probably caught on by now that we love using quilt blocks for mini pillows. One thing we’ve noticed though is that some block designs don’t look quite the same when they’re “pancaked”  into a basic square pillow. Some blocks really call for being just that… a block!

The simple solution? A boxed-edge pillow that keeps the front of the pillow in a nice flat square. If you’ve ever tried to make a boxed-edged pillow, you know they can be tricky to stitch and turn. That is why we love the “Poke Corner” technique. It allows you to make your boxed edges from the outside of the pillow… no turning involved! What to learn more? Watch below as I show you step-by-step how it is done!

I know it looks a little tricky, but trust me, once you finish a corner or two, you will be a pro!

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Rachel Martin | Just Another Button Company

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JABC Stitch School Poke Corners | www.justanotherbuttoncompany.com

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