It’s Good to Be Square!

I’m excited to share the scoop on a SMOKIN’ HOT new series today!

[square·ology] is the brainchild of Cathy Habermann, Cecile McPeak and Rachel Martin of Hands On Design and Just Another Button Company.

We got together with the idea of creating something unique and fun for the cross stitch world.

The result was a delightful collaboration of three styles, presented in a brand new– and totally fun format!

Today, I’ll share the format AND give you a peek at the first designs.

We hope you have a blast with this series!


It all starts with a square!

Let me show you how [square·ology] works!

You start with a square chart– nothing new about that!

But a [square·ology] chart is just a 1/4 of a complete cross stitch design.

It might look like this:

corner start with pivotDo you see the red dot at the bottom left corner of the chart? It’s a pivot point!

Center the pivot point on your linen and stitch the chart once.

Now hold on to your Q-Snaps as I tell you what happens next…trust me, it’s soooo much fun!


Turn & Stitch

Turn your chart 1/4 turn clockwise, keeping the pivot point in the same position. I know, it’s radical, but you can do it– and it’s the [square·ology] secret!

Stitch the chart again in this position, leaving no spaces between the lower edge of your first stitches and the upper edge of your new stitches.

 half chart with text smallDo that, without losing your cool, and you’ve completed 1/2 of the design.

[Note: in the graphic above, the colored sections have been stitched, the gray sections are the fun yet to come]


Turn & Stitch Again

I bet you can guess what comes next!

That’s right, keep the pivot point in the same spot and turn the chart another 1/4 turn clockwise.

Now stitch the chart for a third time.

You’re so smart…I know you know what it looks like now, but I’m going to show you anyway because it’s part of the fun!

 step 3 smallerNow do a little dance or jump up and down because you’re almost there and you’re having soooo much fun!

Keep the pivot point in the same spot and rotate the chart 1/4 turn clockwise one last time.

Stitch again and voila! The design is completed!

Aren’t you clever!



step 4

I hope you’ve enjoyed this demo of the [square·ology] concept!

This simple chart is only an example of how [square·ology] works. To see the first designs from the actual series keep reading!


What is Bloom?

The first [square·ology] release, Bloom, celebrates all the things we love about the warmer months of the year.

It sets the pace for all [square·ology] releases, with 3 charts that feature the turn and stitch concept. These designs are small and easy to finish, measuring 4″x4″.

[square·ology] releases will each also have a 4th chart for a 2 1/2″ square fob companion piece.


side by side

final bit1 - blurred


Are you ready for all this fun?

Look for [square·ology] in a shop near you!

Then watch for the next 2 [square·ology] releases, Ahoy and Whimsy, coming in May and July respectively.

Also you will want to check back here for finishing tips for the [square·ology] series.

Have a question about [square·ology]? Leave a comment and we will answer you!

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  1. I just purchased the bloom-bit square-ology pattern and button kit–planning to make the fob for all the “stuff” that I take to quilting classes. I see the instructions for a flat finish on your site, but would like to make the piece as a fob. Will you be publishing directions to finish the embroidery piece as a fob in the near future?
    Many thanks,

    • BJ,

      Thank you! We love suggestions. While we hadn’t planned another tutorial yet, we are now considering one.

      Stay tuned!

  2. So is the chart printed on something we sew through? or mark through? or???? I’ve used Transfer-Eze to sew through without marking the design. Love all your ideas!

    • Alicia,
      Square.ology charts are designed for counted cross stitch–where there’s no need to transfer the chart! If you’ve not tried this, shopowners are happy to show you how. Thanks for the lovely compliment!

  3. So if I order the square-ology piece for $5.00, do I need to order the finishing touch buttons separately? Am I only going to get the pattern for the $5.00? That is fine but I just want to order correctly. Thanks, Mickey

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