Cross Stitch Finishing Tutorial – Bloom Bit

It’s good to be back online! After two months of working around website issues we’re finally back to share some button fun with you. Today we’re bringing you a cross stitch finishing tutorial for finishing [bloom.bit] as a fob like the one pictured on the cover of the chart. If you’re unfamiliar with the [square.ology] series, read about it here. If you are familiar with it, then read on and enjoy this step-by-step tutorial for making a fabulously-fun fob!

Bloom Bit chart


The full cross stitch finishing tutorial is shown below but you can also download the PDF here.


JABC - HOD bloom bit tutorial-1JABC - HOD bloom bit tutorial-2

JABC - HOD bloom bit tutorial-3


JABC - HOD bloom.bit tutorial-4

JABC - HOD bloom.bit tutorial-5

For more [square.ology] fun…

JABC - HOD bloom.bit tutorial-6

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