Candle Pan Finishing Tutorial

Finish It!

It’s time! As we prepare to release the fourth calendar floral in the [Chalk.Squared] series, we want to share a candle pan finishing tutorial. Now you can get January, February and March finished and in candle pans just in time to start stitching April!

What you’ll need…

We’ve made the finish simple by packing finishing kits with all the bits and pieces of supplies you’ll needĀ for your project. You’ll need one kit per stitched piece. You’ll also need some lovely enameled candle pans –they are not included in the finishing kit. You can get them from Hands On Design.

You have two options for candle pans, you can get one candle pan and switch the designs in and out (they’re on magnets) or you can get enough candle pans to put each design in its own pan. You’ll see how it works in the video.


Want to get started stitching [Chalk.Squared]? See all the available designs here!

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I hope you enjoyed the video! Please feel free to email finishing questions to

You can follow along with the new designs on the [square.ology] facebook page!

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