Quick And Easy Button Embellished Cards

June 12, 2018

Do you hoard scraps of your favorite fabrics? I do! I hate to let even a tiny bit of a great fabric go to waste. Because of that, I am always looking for ideas of ways to use those scraps in quick and easy craft projects. One of my favorite uses for scraps is to create small cards that I can give away. I love being able to include a card using the same fabric as the handmade gift I am giving.

Adding a combination of hand-dyed and handmade buttons makes these quick cards extra special. They make your card something special and unique!

You can create cards any size you want. You can use pre-made cards from craft and hobby stores or make your own using cardstock. If you make your own, you can make it any size you would like.

To make the cards shown, you will need three layers of fabric. I like to use one layer of thin cotton batting, one layer of cotton print fabric, and one layer of felted wool. Cut the first layer (batting) to fit the front of your card. Cut the second layer (cotton print fabric) slightly smaller than the batting.  Cut the third layer (felted wool or cotton solid) smaller than the second layer.

When stacked together, the three layers should nest together. Sew around the edges of the second and third layers.

Place your desired buttons on the fabric layers. Move the buttons around until you are happy with the placement. (See the supply section at the button of the post for button links.)

Use an air-dissolve marker to draw stitching lines for flower stems and leaves. Use embroidery floss to stitch the stems along the markers lines.

Stitch your buttons in place around your embroidery stitches. Adding buttons to the corners will “anchor” the fabric piece to the front of the card and made it look like the fabric is buttoned to the front of the card.

Add a sentiment to the card with small alphabet rubber stamps. You can stitch on strips of paper, ribbon, or twill tape as shown here.

You can trim the twill tape to any length you want. Stitch it in place to secure it.

Adhere the assembled fabric piece to your card using a tape runner.

Tip: If you use a tape runner or double sided tape, the assembled fabric piece could be removed from the card front and be repurposed on another project. If you use a liquid glue, the assembled fabric paper will be bonded permanently to the cardstock.

This card has a slight variation, the batting and cotton print fabric are trimmed to the same size. The three assembled layers are sewn only once, around the edge of the wool layer. This  shows how to take the same concept to make a much smaller gift card.

Have you used our buttons on a card? We would love to see them! Join us in our Button Lover’s Club Facebook Group to share your craft projects featuring Just Another Button Club.


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