First Look: August Pin Lover's Club & Mini Pinnie

July 23, 2019

JABC August Pin Lover's Club and Mini-Pinnie |

One of my favorite memories so far this summer is the day I spent with my daughters at a local berry patch. We had so much fun checking for just the right berries to take home to make into tasty treats. I hope that some day when they think of home, they will be flooded with memories of the sweet taste of summer berries and the fun we had together baking with them. 

This month's Pin Lover's Club and Mini-Pinnie were inspired by those sweet berries and the precious memories of home that we made that day.

JABC August Pin Lover's Club and Mini-Pinnie |

The exclusive Pin-Mini for August is called "No Place Like Home". The collection includes a Bluebird, a Blue Heart Flower, and a Red Roof Birdhouse.

JABC August Pin Lover's Club and Mini-Pinnie |

August's Mini-Pinnie is called Strawberry Patch. You will love making these strawberries so much that you may find yourself making a whole basket full of them! 

JABC August Pin Lover's Club and Mini-Pinnie |

The Strawberry Patch Mini-Pinnie is suitable for several different fabrics- including wool, wool felt, and cotton. We made two of ours with wool felt and one with red cotton. We chose two different shades of wool felt for our leaves to add an extra touch of color.

JABC August Pin Lover's Club and Mini-Pinnie |

Here is a fun variation that is so easy and practical... add a small bit of ribbon to the top of a strawberry to create a hanging loop.

You can hang the strawberry from the bobbin winder on your sewing machine for a handy (and adorable) pincushion that is always close at hand!

The "No Place Like Home" Pin-Mini set and "Strawberry Patch" Mini-Pinnie Pattern ships to club members August 1st.

Not a member but want to join in the fun? Join by August 1st to receive this "berry sweet" pattern and set of pins. You can learn more about the club and join here: Pin Lover's Club.


Mary R

Mary R said:

I’ve had to install special shelving in my studio to hold all of the pinnies I’ve made to showcase my beautiful Pin Lover’s Club pins. I’ll be adding a couple of strawberries to the collection soon!


Susie said:

Love these pins and strawberries 🍓 💗. I’m very excited to receive them!!!
This is a club that I actually complete the project every month!!! I enjoy making these pin cushions.

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