Candle Pan Finishing Tutorial

March 22, 2016

Finish It!

It’s time! As we prepare to release the fourth calendar floral in the [Chalk.Squared] series, we want to share a candle pan finishing tutorial. Now you can get January, February and March finished and in candle pans just in time to start stitching April!

What you’ll need…

A stitched piece from the Chalk.Squared series by [square.ology] on 32 count fabric, embellished with JABC buttons. Find the charts and buttons here.

Download the free instruction PDF. The basic materials are listed in the instruction, you probably have most of it in your scrap bin already!

The materials called for in the instructions finish one piece of cross stitch. You can use the same Candle Pan for multiple designs, if you plan to swap them throughout the year-- or you can get one Candle Pan for each design. They're available from Hands On Design.


Want to get started stitching [Chalk.Squared]? See all the available designs here!

I hope you enjoyed the video! 

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