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September 19, 2018

I shared yesterday how much I love the mix of fireflies, moths, and colors in the Twilight fabric collection. Today I want to gush a bit about the florals. They are so soft, feminine, and well… dreamy! I love that the flowers have vivid splashes of color and are contrasted against the beautiful shades of the night sky. For this month’s monogram, I chose a dark blue brushstroke-solid fabric that stands out in bold contrast to the soft colors I chose for the pillow. The combination is simply DREAMY!  I confess, I made this month’s pillow for myself because the Twilight fabrics are my favorite! I hope you love sewing with them as much as I do!

Dream Button Monogram Pillow Supplies:

Dream Button Monogram Pillow Instructions:

  1. Trace the letter of your choice from the Button Block Pattern onto Fusi-bond Lite. You will want your letter reversed.
  2. Following the package directions on the Fusi-bond Lite, iron the traced letter onto the wrong side of the ¼” dark blue square.
  3. Cut out the letter on the inside of the traced line.
  4. Center the appliqué letter on the white/periwinkle print square . Fuse in place.
  5. Appliqué the letter to the background. We used a straight, machine stitch close to the edge of the shape.
  6. Sew the two short border pieces (2″ x 5½″) to the sides of the background square, with a ¼” seam allowance. Press your seams toward the borders.
  7. Then sew the longer border pieces (2″ x 8½″) to the top and bottom. Press your seams toward the borders.
  8. Press the block and trim to 8½” square.
  9. Fuse block to an 8½” square of Dreamy Fusible Fleece.
  10. Quilt as desired.
  11. Lay the 8½” backing square on top of the 8½” block, right sides together and sew all the way around the square.
  12. Use our Franken-stitch Finish Technique to turn the pillow right-side-out. Make a 3″ diagonal slit in the middle of the backing fabric ONLY.
  13. Turn the pillow right-side-out through the slit.
  14. Stuff the pillow.
  15. Whipstitch the slit closed.
  16. Optional: Add an appliqué shape to cover your stitches.
  17. Sew buttons to the cover the letter. (See our “Applique with Buttons” post for tips on adding buttons to your letter.

-> Download the Button Monogram Pillow Project sheet.

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