Button Lover’s Club: Center Pillow

June 19, 2018

Life is so busy. Many of us have the need to make or create but have only little bits of time to do so. That is why we love bite size projects that you can complete in a few hours. Using quilt block patterns for small pillows that you can use as pincushions, bowl fillers, and small decor elements are a perfect way to satisfy your love of quilting and your need to create in limited blocks of time.Each month in the Words with Buttons club we will showcase a block from The Splendid Sampler book (by Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson). The blocks are the perfect size for small pillows which makes them great for bite sized projects.

Center Pillow Supplies:

Center Pillow Instructions:

  1. Follow the instructions on page 52 of The Splendid Sampler to make the Center Block by Kate Spain.
  2. Iron your block to the 6.5″ square of Dreamy Fusible Fleece.
  3. Quilt in the “ditches” of the seams.
  4. Lay the 6.5″ backing square on top of the 6.5″ block, right sides together and sew all the way around the square.
  5. Make a 2.5″ diagonal slit in the backing fabric ONLY.
  6. Turn the pillow right-side-out through the slit.
  7. Stuff the pillow.
  8. Whipstitch the slit closed.
  9. Optional: Add an applique heart to cover your stitches.
  10. Center a button (or button stack) on top of the block and sew in place through all the layers of the pillow. While sewing from through the pillow, gently pull your thread tight to tuft the pillow.

-> Download the Center Pillow Project sheet

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