Autumn Handmade Pin Picks & Pumpkin Little Mini-Pinnie

September 05, 2019

JABC Autumn Handmade Pin Picks and Pumpkin Little Mini-Pinnie

We get really excited as fall approaches because just like many of you, we are big fans of pumpkin everything... including pumpkin pincushions! Today we thought it would be fun to have a little #ThrowBackThursday to one of our favorite Pin Lover's Club Mini-Pinnies- the Pumpkin Little Mini-Pinnie. This adorable little pumpkin pincushion is a fun and quick project to stitch and is free to download!

You know that you can't have a new pincushion without new pins to embellish it, right? No worries, we've gathered up a few of our favorite fall handmade pin collections for you! These fun sets will look so festive in your Pumpkin Little Mini-Pinnie!

JABC Autumn Song Handmade Pins

Autumn Song Pin-Mini: This sweet collection is a limited edition, when it sells out, it will be gone forever! It features three autumn must-haves, pumpkins, Lazy Susans, and black birds.

Harvest Jar Pin-Mini: Nothing says fall love like a bouquet of sunflowers in a vintage glass canning jar. This set is a bit of farmhouse style perfection!

JABC 3 Sunflowers Pin Mini

3 Sunflowers: Sunflower lovers will adore this set that features three of our amazing handmade sunflower pins. There is so much detail in these sunflowers, just wait until you see them up close!

JABC Pumpkin Vine Handmade Pins

Pumpkin Vine Pin-Mini is a brand new set that celebrates the magic of pumpkins growing on the vine and fall leaves on the verge of fluttering to the ground.

JABC Autumn Assortment

Autumn Assortment Just Pins: This wonderful pin assortment includes a bit of everything wonderful about autumn- pumpkins, acorns, sunflowers, apples, and a black bird.

JABC Walk in the Woods Handmade Pins

Walk in the Woods Just Pins: This set makes us smile because it makes us think of magical walks in the woods, with leaves crunching underfoot and acorns raining down from the trees.

JABC Harvest Heart Just Pins

Harvest Heart Just Pins: Acorns, Sunflowers, and blackbirds- a few of the many autumn things that make our hearts happy.

With so many wonderful autumn pin options, you may need to make a whole crop of Pumpkin Littles to display them all!


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