Handmade Holiday Day #2 – Poke Corners

Make “Poke Corners”

Want to learn how to give your square pincushions cute boxy corners? We call them “poke corners” because they’re created by poking the corners to the inside. Watch the video below to see how we do it.


Find the Jolly, Joy, Jingle pincushion kit on our website!


We were inspired to create a Halloween mini-set of [square.ology], that we’re calling [scare.ology]…aren’t we clever?

We’re always looking for fun new finishing ideas for [square.ology] and we’ve definitely found a good one for Scare.ology! We teamed up with Retromantic Fripperies to make a special thread organizer and box that make these finished pieces to-die-for! The box and the thread organizer are hand painted black with have a rubbed wax finish. The edges are distressed which adds a touch of vintage flavor.

scare.ology cross stitch by Just Another Button Company and Hands On Design


Never.More Cross Stitch Chart

never.more cross stitch chart - Just Another Button Company

And Scary.Bit Cross Stitch Chart

scary.bit cross stitch chart


You can finish your stitching just like we did! Start by following our Flat Finish Tutorial to flat finish your stitching. Then attach to the box or the thread organizer with stitchery tape.

nevermore cross stitch chart - Just Another Button Company

The scare.ology box works with the never.more chart as it is optimized for a 4″ square design.

scary bit cross stitch chart - Just Another Button Company



The scare.ology thread organizer works with the scary.bit as it is optimized for a 2″ square design.


We hope you enjoy stitching and finishing scare.ology!

Cross Stitch Finishing Tutorial – Ahoy Frame

We’ve had lots of button fans ask about the frames we used to finish [square.ology] Ahoy. Today’s cross stitch finishing tutorial will share where to find them and how to finish them for your own Ahoy pieces. Before you start, you’ll want to read our Flat Finish Tutorial, it is the basis for all of our [square.ology] finishes and is a great finishing technique to have under your belt.

Now that you’ve read the Flat Finish Tutorial you’re ready to start finishing Ahoy! This cross stitch finishing tutorial shows how to finish the three 4″ x 4″ designs from Ahoy (Octopus Dance, Sail Around and Sandcastle Frame), however this will also work with any 4″ x 4″ [square.ology] design!

Follow the full tutorial below or download a PDF here.

Ready, Set, Finish!


Any of the 4” designs from Ahoy stitched on 30 count linen



Lacing thread (hand quilting thread or pearl cotton #8)

Stitchery tape (double-sided, acid free)

Acrylic paint

Tim Holtz Distress Ink

Art Minds 5 1/2” unfinished wood frame—from craft stores



Sharp sewing needles

Rotary cutter

Quilter’s ruler

Cutting mat

Box cutter

Iron & pressing surface


[square.ology] flat-finish tutorial

Foam brush





Prepare the Flat-Finished Squares:

  • Using the complimentary [square.ology] Flat-Finish Tutorial, flat finish your Octopus Dance, Sandcastle Frame or Sail Around stitching.
  • Sew any embellishments to your stitching with a sharp needle and matching thread.

Pick a Frame:

The original frames that are pictured on the chart were purchased from Hobby Lobby. The frame pictured at the beginning of this tutorial is from Michaels. Either of these frames (or others too!) will work, just be sure the wood is unfinished.  When picking a frame, take your flat finished stitching along so you can be sure the frame is big enough. Lay the flat finished piece on top of the frame to check that the edges of the frame show around the linen.

Paint the Frame:

Now comes the fun part —let’s play with paint!  I used  Sea Breeze Americana acrylic paint plus a few drops of white to achieve the color I wanted.

supplies for ahoy frame

  • Cut the twine hanger off of the frame at the knots. Cut carefully so you can tie this piece back on at the end.

ahoy frame tutorial

  • Use the foam brush to apply paint evenly to all of the frame’s edges, like the photo below. The  unfinished wood will absorb the paint.  There is no need to paint the middle section because it will be covered.

ahoy painted frame tutorial

  • Let the paint dry for about 15 minutes. Touch lightly with your finger to test dryness. If dry, apply a second coat of paint. This coat will take approximately 30 minutes to dry.

Distress the Frame:

  • Test the paint again with your finger to make sure it’s dry. If it is, then it’s time to sand the edges. Rub the edges with a small piece of sand paper to remove some of the paint from the curves to get a distressed look.

ahoy painted frame tutorial

Now we’ll distress the paint. I used Tim Holtz  Distress Ink—Frayed Burlap color.

ahoy frame tutorial


  • Take the ink pad and lightly sweep it across the paint. Don’t press it into the paint, just draw it across the surface so it brushes the frame.  It will look like this.

ahoy painted frame tutorial

  • Using  a Kleenex and moderate pressure with your fingertip, smudge the ink so that it is absorbed into the paint.

File Jul 07, 1 12 09 PM

Now it will look like this!

ahoy frame tutorial

Finish the Frame:

  • Retie the twine hanger onto the frame.

ahoy frame tutorial

  • Apply stitchery tape to the back of your flat finished square and remove the backing paper.
  • Position the flat finished square in the middle of the frame so that an even amount of the frame shows around all of the edges. Press firmly to apply the stitchery tape to the frame.

ahoy frame tutorial


Hang your finished frame in a prominent spot so you can look at it often and admire your handy-work!

I hope you enjoyed following our tutorial. While you’re here check out some of our other finishing tutorials–


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