Handmade Holiday Day #8 – [square.ology] merry

It’s time to celebrate the final day of Just Another Button Company’s Handmade Holiday!

Hoop Up

Today we’re teaching you how to finish the new [square.ology] merry pieces: merry.berry & kiss.a.bit in embroidery hoops!
[square.ology] merry.berry chart
[square.ology] kiss.a.bit chart

These fabulous new charts were inspired by chalkboard drawings. They’re the perfect sizes to include with your holiday decor. Kiss.a.bit is finished in a 3″ embroidery hoop — that’s even small enough to hang on the tree.

Watch our video to see how you can finish your stitching just like the pictures on the charts.

Interested in buying a finishing kit with all the supplies for finishing just like we did? They’re available here on our website: kiss.a.bit & merry.berry.

Thank you so much for following along with our Handmade Holiday 2015 series! We hope you’ve enjoyed our video tutorials!

Handmade Holiday Day #7 – Perforated Paper Gift Tags

Welcome to Handmade Holiday Day #7

Today we’re sharing how we made gift tags with these adorable Art to Heart cross stitch charts!


Watch the video below and then use the provided dimensions to finish your own gift tags!

Trimming Tips and Paper Dimensions

Ho Ho Ho Spoken Here

  • Trim perforated paper leaving just one row of paper to the right and on the lower edge of the stitching. Leave 2 rows of paper to the left and above the stitching.
  • Cut Lime solid cardstock 5 ½”W x 3 ¼”H
  • Cut Red solid cardstock 6 ½”w x 4”H
  • Cut Red Dot strip 3”W x 4”H and solid Aqua strip 1 ¼”W x 4”H

Peppermint Stripes

  • Trim perforated paper leaving just one row of paper outside stitching.
  • Cut Aqua dot cardstock 4 1/2W x 4 1/2”H
  • Cut Red dot cardstock 5 1/2W x 5 1/2”H
  • Cut solid Red strip 1 ½”W x5”H and solid Aqua 1”W x 2”H

Merry Cane

  • Trim perforated paper leaving three rows of paper outside stitching.
  • Cut Aqua Dot 5 1/8”W x 3 7/8”H
  • Cut solid Red 6 1/8”W x 4 7/8”H
  • Cut solid Lime strip 1 ½”W x 4 ¼”


Have fun and be sure to watch for Day #8!

Handmade Holiday Day #5 – Make a Kissing Ball Ornament

Looking for a project for your Christmas party?

This is one of my favorite Christmas projects! We made these last year for our office Christmas party, here at JABC headquarters!

Follow along as we assemble a Mistletoe Kissing Ball Ornament, starting with one of our kits.

You’ll be so impressed with how simple it is to make something so special. Add one to your Christmas tree this year!

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MIQ003W noel
[col span=”1/2″ ]
MIQ003R noel


Happy Holidays!