6 Tips for Sewing Buttons to a Quilt

Happy Friday friends! Welcome to week 6 of the Friendship Quilt Along. Today we are sharing the Warm block!

We are so excited that the Friendship Quilt from the quilt along has a coordinating JABC button pack. This week I added a button from the coordinating button pack to the middle of my Warm block and it inspired me to share JABC’s best tips for sewing buttons on a quilt. Read on to improve your button-sewing skills!

Tips for Sewing Buttons to a Quilt

Tips for adding buttons to your quilt - Just Another Button Company [Read more…]

JABC Stitch School: The Blanket Stitch

JABC Stitch School | The Blanket Stitch | www.justanotherbuttoncompany.com

At JABC we love what we call “bite-sized” projects. Those are projects that you can make start to finish in little bites of time. Recently, I wanted to gift a trio of our Just Pins to a friend and wanted a creative way to present the pins. I was short on time so I grabbed one of our Seasonal Sliders mini pincushion patterns and stitched up a quick (and super cute) mini pincushion to present the gifted pins in. [Read more…]

Button Lover’s Club: Button Monogram Pillow

JABC Button Lover's Club Word with Buttons Nest Button Monogram Pillow

Fashion experts say that every closet should have a “little back dress”. We think the crafty equivalent of the “little black dress” is a simple versatile appliqué alphabet pattern. We are using the Button Block Appliqué Alphabet by Tammy Tutterow each month in our Words with Buttons projects. We think this is the perfect “little black dress” alphabet! It was designed specifically to work with bite sized projects and its chunky shape makes a perfect base for layers of our hand-dyed buttons!

Button Monogram Pillow Supplies:

Button Monogram Pillow Instructions:

JABC Button Lover's Club Word with Buttons Nest Button Monogram Pillow (detail) | www.justanotherbuttoncompany.com

  1. Trace the letter of your choice from the Button Block Pattern onto Fusi-bond Lite. You will want your letter reversed.
  2. Following the package directions on the Fusi-bond Lite, iron the traced letter onto the wrong side of the 4″ coral square.
  3. Cut out the letter on the inside of the traced line.
  4. Center the appliqué letter on the grey 5.5″ background square. Fuse in place.
  5. Appliqué the letter to the background. We used a straight, machine stitch close to the edge of the shape.
  6. Sew the two short border pieces (2″ x 5.5″) to the sides of the background square, with a 1/4” seam allowance. Press your seams toward the grey.
  7. Then sew the longer border pieces (2″ x 8″) to the top and bottom. Press your seams toward the grey.
  8. Press the block and trim to 8″ square.
  9. Fuse block to an 8″ square of Dreamy Fusible Fleece.
  10. Quilt as desired.
  11. Lay the 8″ backing square on top of the 8″ block, right sides together and sew all the way around the square.
  12. Make a 3″ diagonal slit in the middle of the backing fabric ONLY.
  13. Turn the pillow right-side-out through the slit.
  14. Stuff the pillow.
  15. Whipstitch the slit closed.
  16. Optional: Add an appliqué heart to cover your stitches.
  17. Sew buttons to the cover the letter. (See our “Applique with Buttons” post for tips on adding buttons to your letter.)

-> Download the Button Monogram Pillow Project sheet.

JABC Button Lover's Club Word with Buttons Nest Button Monogram Pillow | www.justanotherbuttoncompany.com

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Button Lover’s Club: Center Pillow

JABC Button Lover's Club Word with Buttons Nest Center Pillow | www.justanotherbuttoncompany.com

Life is so busy. Many of us have the need to make or create but have only little bits of time to do so. That is why we love bite size projects that you can complete in a few hours. Using quilt block patterns for small pillows that you can use as pincushions, bowl fillers, and small decor elements are a perfect way to satisfy your love of quilting and your need to create in limited blocks of time. [Read more…]