Sneak Peek: Our next Button Lover’s Club

We are just so excited that we can’t keep the secret any longer!

We have a new Button Lover’s Club coming soon! This official sneak peek ¬†gives you the first minute of the official video reveal coming May 1, 2018.

Be sure to join us right here on May 1st to see the full video reveal and for details on how to sign up for our new Words with Button Button Lover’s Club!


Video Tutorial: How to Make Clay Buttons

It never fails, every time we show a peek at what is happening on Cecile’s desk, someone asks if we have a video of how she makes our handmade buttons. We are so excited to finally say, yes we do!¬†During our recent visit to Fat Quarter Shop Cecile filmed this video tutorial showing her technique for making clay buttons and pins!

Cecile McPeak shares her technique for making handmade clay buttons with Kimberly Jolly from Fat Quarter Shop.

We are so excited to share the video with you! We’ve known for a long time that our handmade buttons are little bit of magic and now you can see for yourself!

Watch as Cecile makes our popular Ribbit button (and Pin Mini) from start to finish!

We never get tired of watching how the buttons come together. We hope you enjoyed watching it too!

Video Tutorial: How To Hand Dye Buttons

Last week we told you a little about our recent visit to Fat Quarter Shop in Texas and how we filmed several video tutorials while there. We are so excited to share another of the videos with you today. We think you will enjoy it, as it is something we get asked often, “how do you dye buttons?”.

Rachel Martin from Just Another Button Company shares her process for hand-dyeing buttons in this video from Fat Quarter Shop.

In this video, Rachel shows the tools she uses and her process for hand-dying buttons. This is the same process she uses here at Just Another Button Company to make our hand-dyed buttons in all your favorites, Smoothies, Sprinkles, Party Packs and Snack Packs!

How to make Hand-Dyed Buttons:

We hope you enjoyed this look into how we hand-dye buttons! Be sure to visit us next Friday for a look at how we create our handmade clay buttons!

Video Tutorial: How To Hand Sew Buttons

We recently visited the Fat Quarter Shop in Austin, TX. We had such a great time with Kimberly and her team there.

Rachel Martin and Cecile McPeak in front of the wall of thread at Fat Quarter Shop.

We toured the warehouse (amazing) and saw the incredible thread wall!

While we were there, we filmed several video tutorials that we will be sharing over the next several months. We have the first one available today! We hope you enjoy watching as Cecile shares her technique for sewing on a button without leaving a knot on the back and also how to sew layered buttons!

The Splendid Sampler 2!

Are you a fan of The Splendid Sampler by Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson? We are huge fans! You should see our copy, it has post-it flags on nearly every page! Because we love it so much, we are thrilled to help spread the news about…

The Spendid Sampler 2 by Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson

… the splendid sequel, The Splendid Sampler 2 by Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson!

Not only are we excited about new block designs to sew, we are excited to tell you that we are contributors too! We’ve designed a block that is featured in the book! How amazing and well… splendid is that?

The book is available for pre-order right now and ships in October. You don’t have to wait for October for the fun to start though, there are fun activities starting NOW! To learn more about all the fun and to find the link to pre-order, check out this blog post: A Very Splendid Sequel Indeed!