The Sweet Things in Life

    As February approaches, stores tempt you with a red and pink bonanza of Valentine greetings–cards, candy, gifts and flowers.  Where do you look if you want a special Valentine treat for a friend who appreciates your creative talents?  Just Another Button Company has lots of ideas, and here’s a great one! This is a special Valentine gift for YOU from Just Another […]

What If?

Rachel and I love the fun of creating tiny works of pincushion art almost as much as we love hearing from you after you finish one of our kits. It’s true that pincushions delight beginners and experienced stitchers alike! Sometimes it’s a challenge for us to corral a big idea into a pincushion that will […]

Looking for a Little Bit of Cute?

Looking for a little bit of cute? It’s no secret that we are nuts about felted wool balls around here. They make fabulous little pincushions and by adding a wooden spool, a JABC button face and Just Pin, in no time you’ll have an Acorn Pixie Spoolkeep! [row] [col span=”1/2″]  [/col] [col span=”1/2″]  [/col] [/row] […]